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Where To Get Spinal Core Section In Warframe (Vitreospina Location)

Catch Vitreospina fish and get the Spinal Core section in Warframe.

The spiral core section in Warframe is a crucial resource that will help you craft and rank up in the game. This section is found by cutting a specific fish. The fish we are talking here is Vitreospina fish. In this guide, we will provide you all the details that you need to find and catch Vitreospina fish to get the Spinal Core section in Warframe.

What is Vitreospina’s location in Warframe?

Vitreospina is a cavefish and can be easily found in one of the caves in Camion Drift on Deimos. The fish is more likely to appear during the Vome cycle. Finding the fish is just half the work to get the Spinal Core section, the other half is to catch the fish. You will need certain weapons and items to be able to catch Vitreospina in Warframe.

How to Catch Vitreospina Fish in Warframe?

There are three items required to catch Vitreospina fishes, Spari Spear, Fass bait, and yellow moon worm. If you don’t have the Spari Spear you can get it from the Daughter in Necralisk for 500 Entrati Standing. Once you have all the three items required to catch the fish, start exploring the caves on Deimos.

When you find Vitreospina fishes in one of the caves, throw your bait with yellow moon worm into the water and wait for the fishes to come out of the water. When they are out of the water, jumping in the air, hit them with Spari Spear to catch them. Only these fishes can help you get the Spinal Core section in Warframe.

How To Get Spinal Core Section in Warframe?

Once you have enough amount of Vitreospina fishes, head back to the Daughter in Necralisk. The Daughter handles all the fish related bounties, interact with her, and then select a cut fish option. This will list all the available fishes with you, choose Vitreospina from the list to cut it. When you cut the fish, you will be rewarded with the Spinal Core section and a few other items.

That’s how you get the Spinal Core section in Warframe. Once you get the section you can start farming various items such as Zaw and Melee build. You should also learn how to farm Orokin cells as they are very important in Warframe.