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How to farm Orokin Cells in Warframe

Orokin Cells are a important resource in Warframe, here is an detailed guide on how to farm this valuable item in the game.

Orokin Cells are a resource in Warframe. You will need this regularly to craft weapons, gears, and equipment. A kind of in-game currency to buy items and upgrades. Orokin Cells are also a part of all types of Prime Weapons and Warframes, so it becomes necessary to farm this regularly in the game.

How to farm Orokin Cells in Warframe

Orokin Cells are dropped by bosses in Warframe they can fond on Saturn, Ceres, and the Derelict. So if you are looking forward to farming Orokin Cells you have to follow the bosses in Warframe. And they are available on the three spots, and here are the bosses that drop Orokin Cells in Warframe.

General Sargas Ruk

Sargus Ruk is the final boss on Saturn planet, this means you will have complete all your objectives first to reach the climax. On Saturn, Sargus Ruk has the max chance of dropping Orokin Cells and defeating this boss is not easy. Sargus Ruk Boss fight is divided into three waves. Destroy three generators on this body to defeat the boss, they are the weakest spot and appears after a short while.

  • Wave 1 – Sargus Ruk uses his arm cannon as a flamethrower at close range. He also attacks with Blast Grenade explosives. The weakest spot in the first phase of the boss fight is the exhaust mount on his left shoulder.
  •  Destroy the Wave 2 – Destroy the shoulder generator and the attack pattern changes. He will also use Fire Blast and slams the ground with a ring of fire. The attack has a 30-meter radius, the weakest spot is the chest.
  • Wave 3 – Destroy the chest generator and in the third phase of the boss fight, Sargus Ruk starts using inferno. It explodes and suspends pillars of heavy damaging flame. The weakest part is now the back, look for the final generator to defeat this boss.

Saturn Defense Mission

Helene is one of the Defense mission on Saturn. Playing this is another way of farming Orokin Cells to level weapons and warframes. But to play Defense Missions you will need a squad. The objective is to defend, along with destroying waves of enemies. After every 5 waves, you can choose to leave the mission and earn rewards. Challenges increases after every 5 wave, you will have to deal with tougher enemies. Warframe has over 32 Defense Missions for 12 Tile Sets.

Other than the above two options all bosses other than Stalker will drop the cells on Saturn Ceres and Orokin Derelict. Lieutenant Lech Kril also has a better chance of dropping the cell in one or two quantities. You can also purchase Orokin Cell blueprint directly from the market in exchange for 10 Platinum.

So this is how you can farm Orikin Cells in Warframe, if you can narrow down your search for the cells it will be easier for you to farm them in less time.