Warcraft Rumble – Best Unbound Units

Check out this guide to know all about the Unbound units in Warcraft Rumble and find out the best ones for your deck.

In Warcraft Rumble, players will be able to collect more than 60 minis including heroes and troops, each with their unique traits. And while going through the list of all the traits of certain units you might stumble upon one known as Unbound in the game. Although most of the traits like Tank, Ranged, and Melee are pretty self-explanatory, the Unbound trait can be confusing for many players.

Since Warcraft Rumble has a wide range of units available, there are a decent number of units possessing the trait. Having said that, the Unbound units that you will come across are some of the best and most important ones to have in your decks. So if you are wondering what exactly the traits do and which are the best Unbound units in the game, then here is a guide you should check out further.

What are Unbound Units?

What Are Unbound Units In Warcraft Rumble?

The Unbound Units that you will come across in Warcraft Rumble possess the ability to be placed anywhere on the map during the rumble. Other normal units can only be placed next to the Guard Towers or the Meeting Stones in the game. This makes the Unbound unit beneficial while rushing the enemy troops and stones. It also helps you collect the chests lying around on the map quickly in the game.

You can certainly use the Unbound Units in Warcraft Rumble according to the deck and the specific situation. While most of the time you might end up pushing and charging them to conquer the stones, they provide great support to take down enemy troops on different parts of the map. This makes things a lot easier while dealing with ranged and spell units in the game.

Best Unbound Units in Warcraft Rumble

Best Unbound Units In Warcraft Rumble
Image Source: Dorky Dad Warcraft Rumble on YouTube

Before going through the best Unbound Units in Warcraft Rumble, it is worth mentioning that the effectiveness of each unit will depend on the deck, talent, etc. Here is a list of all the Unbound Units you will be able to collect:

  • Maiev Shadowsong – Purchased for 120 Coins in the game.
  • Skeleton Party – Purchased for 90 Coins in the game.
  • Earth Elemental – Purchased for 90 Coins in the game.
  • Whelp Eggs – Purchased for 90 Coins in the game.
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot – Purchased for 90 Coins in the game.
  • Worgen – Purchased for 90 Coins in the game.
  • Skeletons – Purchased for 90 Coins in the game.
  • Dark Iron Miner – Purchased for 90 Coins in the game.
  • Quilboar – Purchased for 90 Coins in the game.

For players looking for the best Unbound Unit along with a leader then you should look no further than Maiev Shadowsong. The melee unit is invisible to enemies unless it attacks the troops and has an advantage over ranged and squad units. Maiev also has the Master Assassin ability which makes placement cost reduced by 1 for each Unbound unit you play. With the ability and Remorseless talent, you will be able to deal double damage for 2 seconds after each kill.

For troops, the Earth Elemental possesses the Ready to Rumble Talent which will taunt enemy troops once it is deployed. It helps you lure the enemies to the part of the map where you drop the Earth Elemental in the game. And if you are looking to deal Elemental Damage to the enemy troops marching in you can use S.A.F.E Pilot in Warcraft Rumble.

That’s everything covered on Warcraft Rumble Unbound Units. If you find this guide helpful, check out our dedicated Warcraft Rumble guides section.