Warcraft 3 Cheats – God Mod Cheat, Infinite Gold Cheat And More (2023)

Everything is unlimited

Here are our Warcraft 3 Cheats guides for PC. This cheat guide features a list of all working cheat codes you can use in Warcraft 3 Reforged. Unlock unlimited gold or lumber or just turn on the God Mode and no one can kill. With 20 plus WC3 cheats you can entirely control your gameplay and no longer bounded the game limitation. For example, you can use a Warcraft 3 Cheat code to just instantly win the game. This might kill the fun, so you can ignore this one and try out the God Mode. This cheat will make you invincible in Warcraft 3 Reforged, no one can touch you. So let’s begin with WC3 PC Cheat Codes.

Warcraft 3 Reforged Cheat Codes (Jan 2023)

Cheat codes only work in Offline mode, to know how to activate Warcraft 3 cheats read below. Here is the list of all cheat codes you can use in the game. Type the same cheat code in the chat window. For cheats with a value like GreedIsGood 500, you can modify the same to get more.

  1. Instantly Win the game – AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs
  2. Instantly Loose the game – SomebodySetUsUpTheBomb
  3. Continue playing even after loosing – StrengthAndHonor
  4. Unlock the entire map by removing Fog of War – ISeeDeadPeople
  5. Turn on God Mode –  WhosYourDaddy
  6. Unlock every upgrade in Warcraft 3 – SharpAndShiny
  7. Remove Food Limit – PointBreak
  8. Build anything from start, turn off tech tree requirement – Synergy
  9. Speed up construction time for building and units – WarpTen
  10. Speed up Fast death and Decay – IocainePowder
  11. Speed up Research – WhoIsJohnGalt
  12. Speed up Spell Cooldown – TheDudeAbides
  13. Unlock Infinite Mana – ThereIsNoSpoon
  14. Get 500 Gold and wood – GreedIsGood 500
  15. Get only Gold – KeyserSoze 500
  16. Get only Wood – LeafItToMe 500
  17. Switch from day to night – DayLightSavings
  18. Change game time to morning – RiseAndShine
  19. Change game time to evening – LightsOut
  20. Add a custom time – DayLightSavings [Time]
  21. Turn of Victory Condition – ItVexesMe

How to use Warcraft 3 Reforged cheats on Windows PC?

It is easy to use cheats in Warcraft 3 on PC. You will need to ensure that you are playing offline. You can cheat only in the Single-player Campaign and Offline custom maps. These cheats do not work if you are playing online on Battle Net. To activate cheats follow the below steps.

  • Launch the game and when you are in any single player mission press Enter.
  • A chat window will popup on the screen. This is where you will have to type a cheat code.
  • For example you need 500 gold and wood. Type GreedIsGood 500 and hit enter.
  • Wait for message Cheat Code enabled.

That’s it, this is how you can use cheat code in Warcraft 3 PC.