How To Complete The WAP Challenge In Bitlife

Here's how to do the WAP Challenge in Bitlife - Know all the steps to go from being a str*pper, rapper, get double platinum singles & bathe cats.

There’s a new challenge available on Bitlife and Cardi B fans will know exactly what it is – it’s the WAP Challenge. In this guide, we will help you with all the steps to do and complete the WAP Challenge in Bitlife easily.

How to Do the WAP Challenge in Bitlife

How To Complete The WAP Challenge In Bitlife

The requirements to complete the WAP Challenge in Bitlife are:

  • Be a New York-born female.
  • Become a str*pper.
  • Then become a famous rapper.
  • Get more than 2 double platinum singles.
  • Bathe more than 5 cats.

Let’s dive into each step.

First, make sure you make a new female character that is born in New York, USA. This should help you tick off the first condition right away.

How to Become a Str*pper in Bitlife

Next, you have to wait until the age of 18 to become a str*pper. Once you get to that age, you can check the Occupation section to get the job. If not, increase your age and you should see it soon. The appearance of the occupation is based on luck, so keep checking to become one.

How to Become a Rapper in Bitlife

After becoming a str*pper, you have to now become a famous rapper. We’ve got a guide on how to become a rapper that you can check out and come back here for the remaining steps.

How to get Double-Platinum Singles in BitLife

Once you have gained fame, now you have to translate that into some rewards for your music. You can get 2+ double platinum singles by consistently having a good career as a musician. Ensure that you practice your skills, improve your vocals with lessons and master an instrument. The Music Special Talent will help too. If luck is in your favor, you might get your music to sell a lot immediately. You have to sell 2,000,000 copies (minimum). Keep releasing new albums and singles but not too often. Do it with a gap of two years or so.

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How to Get and Bathe Cats in Bitlife

Lastly, you need to bathe more than 5 cats but how to get cats in the first place? Well, you need to adopt them and you can find cats in the Pets section. It will be under Activities. You can also buy a pure bred cat from the Cat Breeders option if you’d like. After getting cats, make sure to build a good relationship with them and get them nice and clean by tapping on the Bathe option.

This is how to complete the WAP Challenge in Bitlife. We’ve got lots more Bitlife guides for you based on various professions. Head over to our interlinked category to get all the tips and tricks.