TWD All-Stars Tier List

Looking for your favorite TWD characters? Check out our tier list of all the best characters ranked in the Walking Dead All-Stars.

The Walking Dead All-Stars is an idle RPG that brings the badass characters from the comic books and AMC’s TV series. If you have seen or read TWD, you would know that it is all about survival of the fittest. And the same goes for the game as well. While the weird-walking zombies can be a devastating force to reckon with, you need to choose the best characters to deal with them. Not to worry, check out our TWD All-Stars tier list to choose the best characters for bashing zombies.

TWD All-Stars Tier List (Best Characters Ranked)

Here’s the tier list for the best characters to choose for your team in TWD All-Stars:

Tiers Type Best TWD Characters
S Tier Overseer Ezekiel & Shiva
S Tier Ally Glenn
S Tier Overseer Michone
S Tier Warlord Negan
S Tier Ally Sophia
A Tier Neutral Abraham
A Tier Ally Andrea
A Tier Warlord Andrew
A Tier Neutral Beta
A Tier Overseer Carl Grimes
A Tier Predator Chemist
A Tier Neutral Kate
A Tier Ally Shane
A Tier Predator Sherry
A Tier Bystander Tyrese
B Tier Bystander Chloe
B Tier Neutral Denise
B Tier Predator Dwight
B Tier Warlord Emily
B Tier Warlord Eva
B Tier Ally Gabriel
B Tier Neutral Gideon
B Tier Overseer Jesus
B Tier Bystander Eugene
B Tier Bystander Lake
B Tier Neutral Magna
B Tier Neutral Sebastian
B Tier Overseer Leader Rick
C Tier Predator Gunther
C Tier Predator Laura
C Tier Bystander Mercer
C Tier Ally Princess
C Tier Neutral R
C Tier Ally Rick Grimes
C Tier Neutral Rosita
D Tier Ally Axel
D Tier Ally Dante
D Tier Bystander Scott
F Tier Predator Alpha
F Tier Bystander George
F Tier Predator Governor
F Tier Bystander Raina
F Tier Bystander Tylor

walking dead all stars tier list best characters

All the characters in the S Tier are the best among the lot. But you cannot choose an ally like Glenn to go on offense. For that, you need an Overseer or Warlord type of character that can control the field. You can choose a character like Negan or Andrew to fight against your enemies. That being said, these characters are pretty rare to obtain. So, you might need to get the characters in the A or B tier for the early game. You can always replace and get new characters as you level up. For the starters, Daryl, Jesus, Carl, and Leader Rick could be great picks for the team.

That’s everything covered about the Walking Dead All-Stars Tier list. If you liked this guide, check out our other Tier Lists and Mobile Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.

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