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BG3: How To Play Lute And Wake Up Art Cullagh

Learn how to find the Battered Lute and awaken Art Cullagh in Baldur's Gate 3. Our guide also covers how to defeat Malus Thorm.

The city of Baldur’s Gate has fallen victim to a mysterious affliction known as the Shadow Curse. Even those taking refuge in sanctuaries are not immune, and one such afflicted individual is Art Cullagh. Trapped in an endless nightmare after encountering the Shadow Curse, Cullagh remains uncorrupted as he mutters the name ‘Thaniel.’ As part of your adventure through Baldur’s Gate 3, you must find and wake Cullagh from his slumber. This guide will walk you through obtaining the Battered Lute and wake up Art Cullagh in BG3.

How to Complete Wake Up Art Cullagh in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Baldur's Gate 3: How to Play Lute and Wake Up Art Cullagh in BG3

Halsin is a key NPC in Baldur’s Gate 3 who helps the player character lift the Shadow Curse from the land. To progress his questline, you first need to interact with Halsin at the druid grove camp and mention you found a man named Art Cullagh in a catatonic state. This will prompt Halsin to go to Art’s at the Last Light Inn.

Defeat Malus Thorm and Play Battered Lute in BG3

Your next objective is to go to the House of Healing in the northwestern part of the map. Here you will encounter Malus Thorm, whom you must defeat either in combat or through persuasion checks to obtain the Battered Lute from his body.

He has high resistance to slashing, piercing and fire damage, so focus on bludgeoning or cold-based attacks. Magic is also effective if you can overcome his increased save bonuses.

  1. Take out the nurses first since they provide healing and buffs to Malus. Focus fire to dispatch each one before they can revive quickly.
  2. Dispel or negate the Surgeon’s Chosen buff if Malus grants it to a nurse. Use AoE attacks when the nurses cluster around Malus.
  3. With the nurses gone, kite Malus and whittle down his health. Save powerful abilities to finish him off once his health is low.

You can now take everything they have, including the Battered Lute, and head back to the Last Light Inn and interact with the sleeping Art Cullagh. Play a few notes on the lute, waking Art up from his catatonic state. He will then look for Halsin to learn more about the curse plaguing the land.

That’s all completing play Battered Lute and wake up Art Cullagh in BG3. If you found this guide useful, check out our dedicated section for more such BG3 Guides here at Gamer Tweak.