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Lost Ark Volare Island Guide – Location, Quests, And More

Here's our guide on everything to know about the Volare Island in Lost Ark.

All the islands can be reached by only sailing your way through the oceans of Arkesia in Lost Ark. While players have an opportunity to explore many types of islands, Adventure islands yield one of the most rewards. Volare island is one of the Adventure islands that’s surrounded by deadly and poisonous monsters. If you are looking for the location of Mokoko seeds, quests, and an island token, you have come to the right place indeed. So, here’s our guide on everything to know about the Volare island in Lost Ark.

Volare Island Guide in Lost Ark


Volare island is located to the south of the North Vern in the Ethulia Sea. As it is an adventure island, check the timings for its spawn in your adventure book or Procyon’s compass. You will also need a ship with strong resistance to sail your way through.

What are the Quests on Volare Island in Lost Ark?

  • Once you enter the island, a co-op quest named Establishing a Plan will activate after 3 minutes.
  • As the name of the quest suggests, the quest is all about planning and strategizing.
  • You will need to use different emotes to communicate and know about the quest.
  • You will get several rescue supplies that contain Cannonballs and Harpoons.
  • As you collect all the supplies needed for the next quest-in-line, you will finally see the anticipated monsters of this island.
  • This quest is Operation: Cannonball and Harpoons.
  • And, our main objective for the next quest is to kill 2 giant crocodiles and 100 small crocodiles in a pit.


lost ark volare island
Image Source – RaZzi on YouTube.
  • You have to kill all of them with the supplied Cannons and Harpoons. There’s a time limit of 10 minutes to this quest.
  • So, try finishing the quest before the timer ends. You won’t get any rewards if you leave or give up in the middle of the quest.
  • You will also encounter a herd of monsters. Clearing them off can get you more cannonballs and harpoons.
  • You need to mount on a cannon to shoot these on all the crocodiles in the center of the pit.
  • Killing these crocodiles will drop several secret chests of Valore.
  • You can get an island token of Valore as you open a secret chest.

Volare Island Mokoko Seeds Location


There are three mokoko seeds on the Volare island. One is to the north of the island while the other two are to the south-eastern side of the island. You can track them with the help of the marked map given below.

lost ark volare island mokoko seeds location

That’s all on the Volare island in Lost Ark. If this guide helped you, you can check out our guides on Azure Wind island, Hildebrandt palace abyss, and the Shangra island in Lost Ark right here on Gamer Tweak.