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Lost Ark Shangra Island Guide – Location, Event, Rewards, & More

Learn how to get to Shangra Island in Lost Ark from this guide and also where its POIs are.

Lost Ark is an amazing MMOARPG that has multiple Events that keep the players engaged. One Such Event is the Shangra Island. Most Islands in Lost Ark have fixed positions. They behave like true Islands, but not Shangra Island. Every so often it changes location and makes the player keep guessing where it is. If you do manage to get on to the Island in Lost Ark, you will be able to complete the event and get some good rewards. In this guide, I will explain everything about Shangra Island from its Location, its Event, what rewards you will get, and much more in Lost Ark.

Shangra Island Guide in Lost Ark


shangra island lost ark
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Like I have mentioned above, Shangra Island is an Event-based Event. So, whenever you see it, it won’t be there for long. Shangra Island in Lost Ark has 3 locations that it spawn in. Those locations are:

  • In between Anihc & Arthetine
  • In the Triangle formed by Tortoyk Island, Luterra & Vern.
  • Between Vern & Shushire.


Shangra Island will spawn in one of these locations at any given time in Lost Ark. A whirlpool will appear at the location which will indicate that the Island is spawning here. Since it’s a limited-time event, you should get help from your friends or other players. Coordinating on where it will spawn will help everyone involved. Once you get to the Island, you will have to do the Shangra Event.

There are many quests you will have to do as you get to the Shangra Island in Lost Ark. You can get the Song of Spring if you complete The Garden Path Quest and then the Shangra’s Pure Energy. Most sections of the Island will require you to have the Wine Buff. To get the Wine Buff, you will need to consume a Peach Wine(Grants 5 mins of Wine Buff) or Blooming Spring Peach Wine(Grants 5 mins of Wine Buff). You can get the Peach Wine by completing either A Visitor to the Ladies’ Hot Spring or Shangra’s Best Wine. The Blooming Spring Peach Wine can be made with one Peach Wine and 20 Shangra Flower Dew.

To get the Island Token, you will need to buy and plant a Thousand-year-old Tree Bud at the Thousand-Year-Old Jar for 5,600 Firm Peach and plant it in the Shadow Realm. After talking to the NPC, you will get the Island Heart as the reward.


This was all about the Shangra Island in Lost Ark. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like Harmony Island Guide in Lost Ark.