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Lost Ark Hildebrandt Palace Abyss Dungeon Guide & Boss Mechanics

All you need to know about the Hildebrandt Palace Abyss Dungeon in Lost Ark.

The Hildebrandt Palace is the last Tier 1 Abyss Dungeon you will come across in Lost Ark. In order to reach here, you will first need to have an Item Level of 460. However, the payoff can be massive, with the likes of Accessories, Engraving Books, and Ability Stones on offer as rewards. However, clearing the Hildebrandt Castle can be easier said than done. To help get you through this Abyssmal Dungeon smoothly, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all you need to do in this Dungeon and its boss mechanics.

Lost Ark Hildebrandt Palace Abyss Dungeon Guide



Phantom Legion Queen Mechanics in Lost Ark Hildebrandt Palace

Considering the fact that you have most likely already come face to face with the Queen at some point in Lost Ark’s storyline, you should not find this encounter too stressful. All you need to do is hop right through a mirror. Doing so will help you teleport right through the other side.


When jumping through the mirror, you need to make sure you get the color coordination of the waves right. The mirrors need to match together. If they do not match, you will not find yourself making it out the other side of the mirror.

Apart from the mirror mechanic, you need to worry about the Spinning attack too. As the name suggests, this mechanic resembles a large circular structure around the boss in the Hildebrandt Palace.

Brelshaza Boss Fight Mechanic in Lost Ark


Once you get done with the Phantom Queen in Hildebrandt Abyss Dungeon, you will come across the Brelshaza boss in Lost Ark. This particular fight has two phases.

During Phase One of the fight, you will come across the rolling mechanic. During this mechanic, the whole map tilts to one side. When this happens, you will notice large balls falling into the arena. You need to dodge these balls and ensure they do not come in contact with them. A member of your team will need to move towards the boss to end this fight sequence.

Moving on to the second phase of this fight, you will come across the Stagger Checks and Wipe mechanics. Beginning with the Stagger mechanic, we recommend you save your High Stagger skills for later, because you might need them later. We also recommend you acquire some Whirlwind grenades before heading into this dungeon.


The Wipe Mechanic is a little more complex, but you can tackle it quite easy once you understand it. To tackle it, you need to get one player from your team to have a white X on them. The rest of the team need to carry a light with them and use it to aim at the player with the X. If you execute this move correctly, you will find Brelshaza carrying out an explosion. You can use this time to make a quick exit.

So there you have it. This is all you need to know about the Hildebrandt Palace Abyssmal Dungeon in Lost Ark & its boss mechanics. As you can see, getting to this palace and completing it will help you get into Tier 2.

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