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Lost Ark – How To Get Honey Butter Beer?

Read this guide to learn how to get honey butter beer in Lost Ark.

Honey Butter Beer is a craftable item in Lost Ark that you can use to find hidden locations. This can help you get your hands on hidden Mokoko Seeds strewn across the map. However, finding the materials needed to craft this beer can be a little tricky if you are new to the game. To make things a little easier for you, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all you need to do to get your hands on some lovely, chilled beer!

How to Get Honey Butter Beer in Lost Ark?



To get the materials needed to craft Honey Butter Beer in Lost Ark, you need to head over to a vendor in the game. You can look for beer in any of Lost Ark’s main cities, and purchase the same for 10000 Silver. You can even buy Honey Butter for 5000 Silver. The Honey Butter Beer crafting recipe requires you to get 1 beer and 3 Honey Butter.

Once you do find beer, you simply need to buy it from a Cooking Ingredient Merchant.


In most instances, you should also find a Cook next to these merchants. Cooks can craft your Honey Butter Beer, so you will need to visit her too. Give her all the ingredients you acquired. After this, she will initiate the crafting process. The entire crafting process will set you back by about 25000 Silver.

And that’s about it. This process will yield you Honey Butter Beer. You can now look for an NPC that speaks about drinking. This is an indicator of the presence of Mokoko Seeds in the vicinity. So there you have it. That’s pretty much all you need to know about how to get Honey Butter Beer.

How to Get Sweet Honey Butter Beer?


You will be delighted to know that Honey Butter Beer has a sweeter version. To get it, you need to follow the same process as the normal version, but just with magick for a long time.

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