Minecraft 1.18 Village Seeds – Java & Bedrock

Here are the top 5 best Village Seeds in Minecraft 1.18

Villages are a pleasure to be at, considering what part of the map they are located, and what beautiful vistas they can generate for you. And for many other reasons, players are looking for maps with good village placements and locations. So if you have updated your Minecraft to the latest Caves and Cliffs Part 2, then this list is for you. So here are the best Minecraft 1.18 Village Seeds.

Best Village Seeds Minecraft 1.18

These are our top picks for 5 best Minecraft 1.18 Village Seeds:

  • 8624896
  • -3233569307804235645
  • 2243447718
  • 460628901
  • -3513654149966556315

3 Villages, Lake, and All Biomes Close by

Minecraft Village Seed 1.18 Lake

Seed: 8624896
Source: u/Zero_CTRL

This beautiful Minecraft map seed works in bedrock even though it’s from a Java edition. Mostly all of the village seeds on this list works for both editions. This seed has a big lake in the middle of the map. You will find three different villages in various locations, but all are nearby your spawn point. You will also find a pillager output within a few clicks, all the various biomes in the game can be found near these villages.

Village on the Edge of a Crater

Minecraft 1.18 seed village crater

Seed: -3233569307804235645
Source: u/szmirgley

Okay, let’s give the sad news first. Minecraft Bedrock edition only accepts seeds under the value of 2,000,000,000 making seeds like this village one not work for you. This seed and any such big long number of seeds will only generate properly in the Java edition of the game. Once you use them in the Bedrock edition, the number is converted into a shorter range, and you don’t get the same map. In the Java edition, you will get beautiful cliffs, mountains, a big ocean, and a nice village on the edge of a crater.

Village & Woodland Mansion on Mountainous Island

1.18 spawn on a mountainous island

Seed: 2243447718
Source: u/szmirgley

Using this seed, you will spawn on a spiky mountainous island with lush caves, a village, and a beautiful woodland mansion. This map is generated in a java edition so if you load up this one in a bedrock edition the terrain will be the same but you will get different structures as per the comments in the source post. Also, user u/KimochiiiNe has listed out the best things about this Minecraft village seed. Here’s the comment:

This might be the best seed I’ve seen here just in terms of sheer commonly wanted items:

    • ⁠Big island spawn
    • ⁠Mansion
    • ⁠New mountains
    • ⁠Valley/coastal village
    • ⁠Ocean monument
    • ⁠Mushroom island (with another monument right next to it)
    • Beautiful visible and bright entrance to lush caves on the main island
    • ⁠4 wood types on the island except for Acacia and Jungle
    • ⁠The closest jungle and savannah are only 800 blocks away too
    • ⁠Ice biome to get blue ice in viewing distance
    • Sunken ship right next to the island

Villages Surrounded by Frozen Peaks in a Meadow Valley

a meadow valley surrounded by frozen peaks with 2 villages inside

Seed: 460628901
Source: u/szmirgley

This seed is from Java 1.18 release candidate 3. As per a user in the comment, there are at least 5 villages within 1000 blocks. This seed let you spawn in a meadow valley surrounded by frozen peaks with 2 villages inside. This is a really beautiful seed to use the new height and depth features of version 1.18.

Big Hole in Mountain & Village

Big hole and mountains village seed minecraft 1.18

Seed: -3513654149966556315
Source: u/Artur_Cage

This one is really different from the other seeds in this list. This seed will give you a big hole within a mountain where you can create your own Hang Son Doong cave in your game. You can create villages and a whole new ecosystem within this big cave inside the mountain. According to Artur_Cage, this one has an “open mineshaft and nether portal next to the village”. So make to not miss out on this one in any case. Very few other village seeds can be as different as this one, and very few of them have this vibe to them.

These are the top 5 best Minecraft 1.18 Village Seeds for Bedrock & Java Editions. While you are here, don’t forget to check out the list of the best 1.18 Texture Packsbest Minecraft 1.18 shadershow to make a private server1.18 Ore Distribution Guidehow to download Minecraft Forge for mods, and much more.