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How To Unlock Vault Missions In Marvel’s Avengers

Here's a complete guide explaining how to unlock Vault Missions in Marvel's Avengers.

In Marvel’s Avengers, Vault Mission are used to far resources and gear as there are various chests in Vault Mission. In many of Vault Mission, there are also special chests called ‘DNA Chest’, which you can only unlock by using DNA Key.

In order to get Vault Mission unlocked, it requires you to find SHIELD Cache in the mission, called Star Realities. In this guide, apart from guiding how to unlock Vault Mission in Marvel’s Aveners, we will also explain how you can complete them and the potential rewards you will get after finishing all objectives.

Each Vault mission starts with using the signal tracker finding the vault, before defending a room and activating certain objectives, numbered 1,2,3,4,5, revealing the vault and unlocking the treasures inside.

Vault Missions in Marvel’s Avengers are a common weekly challenge card task for characters. There is no denying of the fact that finding and tracking down these elusive missions is rewarding but it is a quite slow and difficult task to do for now. If you are wondering how to do this, here’s a guide to help you with how to unlock Vault Mission in Marvel’s Avengers.

How To Unlock Vault Missions In Marvel’s Avengers

In order to unlock Vault Missions in Marvel’s Avengers, you need to discover an item called Vault Coordinates first. As of now, we have managed to find them in chests. They are not easy to find as it can only be found one in 10 or 11 hours of playing multiplayer.

Once you find Vault Coordinates, a Vault mission can be seen on the world map and you can complete it like the rest of the mission in Marvel’s Avengers.

If you managed to unlock this mission, you will be able to farm it for a Vault Coordinates. Day of the Remains, part of the Inhuman Faction Mission Chain. The moment you spawn in, make sure to follow the Signal Detector to the nearby Shield bunker, providing you with a Vault Resource every time. You can abort the mission after finding the item.

There are numerous missions in Marvel’s Avengers such as Faction Chain Mission that automatically reveal and unlock Vault Missions if you are on a hunt for Vault Coordinates.

We are still trying our best to discover more information and better places to find Vault access. As soon as we find, we will update this guide.