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Valorant Unlock Time in Different Regions & More

After having a successful Beta, it is a matter of hours before Valorant will be finally available to everyone. In case you don’t remember, Riot Games has already confirmed the release date of its title.

The good news is that the Valorant will officially launch tomorrow on PC. If you are one of the players waiting for its launch, you might be surely wondering from what time you can download and enjoy it. Fortunately, Riot Games revealed all the information about it. It has also confirmed that the game will have an episode scheme and the first one will be called Ignition.

Through a post on its social networks, the studio reaffirmed that it is very close to the premiere of the game, since it revealed how many hours are left for its debut in the various regions. Thanks to this, it is possible to calculate approximate schedules for their release. Furthermore, it was confirmed that “Ignition” will arrive with a new map called Ascent, which will be inspired by Italy.

According to the information, you can play Valorant “in 12 hours – Korea, Japan, and most of Asia-Pacific.” Please note that times are approximate, so the game may be available sooner or later. The chapters of the game are estimated to be similar to the seasons of other titles.

Recall that Valorant is a competitive shooter that offers games between teams of 5 players. It is a free-to-play title, so you can download it for free.

Valorant will be release tomorrow exclusively for PC.