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Valorant Is Free And Releasing Globally On June 2 2020

Valorant will be releasing on June 2nd Globally and its closed beta has been dominating Twitch stats ever since it was made available to a handful of streamers and soon it grew to be the most streamed game on Twitch beating the likes of Minecraft, Fortnite, and League of Legends.

Valorant looks identical to CSGO, one of the most known games of all time and is looking to dominate the FPS genre with the addition of magic and skills giving each character a personality and an advantage depending on who is using the character.


Riot Games has a ton of streamers on their latest game, with the likes of Ninja, Dr. Disrespect, Aceu, and even Shroud opting to jump into Valorant often enough. It is the community of the streamers that made the game one of the most-watched, this along with the drops enabled helped Valorant become a competitive game even before officially releasing.

Along with the launch there are plans to bring in new maps, game modes, and more agents, this combination of Overwatch style and CSGO’s maps makes Valorant one of the easiest games understand but one of the toughest games to master once you jump right in.

The best thing about Valorant is the fact that this will be a free game and will a decade long project according to executive producer Anna Donlon.


Alongside the launch of this massive title, Riot Games are also planning to add Valorant servers in cities like Atlanta; Dallas; London; Madrid; and Warsaw to give players a better experience and take out long ping times.

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