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Guide on the Best Skills in Valorant for Beginners

Valorant Skills for New Players

For almost all CS: GO players, it was a little unusual to start their journey in Valorant. And this happens because, in addition to shooting, they have to always pay attention to their abilities. Many streamers and professional players have already mastered all the mechanics, but most beginners still have a lot of work to do. In today’s TOP, we will tell you about four tricky abilities that will help you better understand Valorant.

1. Parkour by Omen


We will start our Valorant skills guide with Paranoia Omen. Truly saying, this is a powerful ability that is rarely used in the game. The main task of Paranoia is to worsen the view of the enemy since the ability acts almost like a stun grenade.

However, there is another plus of this ability. When using it, you bounce a little higher than usual. This allows you to jump to positions that you cannot reach with a normal jump, so you can take places that are unexpected for opponents.

To do this, you need to come in a distance of about a meter to the object you want to jump onto, press the ability key, and make a normal jump. But during the ability you cannot shoot, so you need to be careful. The position should be really unexpected. You can even jump onto the Sage wall.


2. The Combination of Sova and Raze

We will continue our Valorant guide with this combination. An unusual combo was accidentally discovered by the Reddit Botswagloaf. He tried to launch the Sova’s Recon Dart, but it accidentally joined the Raze drone. Recon Dart continued to work, essentially becoming a locator that moves on the map, and even causes damage to enemies. Of course, in order to use this, you need good teammates. But if you play with a friend, then you should definitely try this.

3. Sage Slowdown


Sage is not only the coolest healer and support but also one of the most powerful characters in Valorant. In addition to being able to completely heal health after a shootout, you can intelligently use your other Slow Orb ability, which newcomers often neglect. Scattering Slow Orb is like flash and smokes in CS: GO. The main thing is to choose the right place and timing.

4. Smoke Master Viper

Imagine that in CS: GO you would have the opportunity to buy several smoke grenades at once. And we can say that in Valorant, Viper has such an ability. He is the specialist of grenades. But first, you of course need to study how to use them correctly.


We hope you found our Valorant tips helpful. And if you still experience difficulties with the game, which is common for all new players, then you need to keep training. Soon you will be able to deal with your enemies. For more tips and tricks check our Valorant Wiki Guide.