How To Play And Master Viper Abilities In Valorant

Viper has two basic abilities like every other character in the game, these abilities can be used often but mastering them will surely take some time. Valorant release is just around the corner and this has amped up everyone to know what special ability each character has in the game. If you are wondering how to get better in Valorant as Viper you probably should read the rest of this guide.

Viper Abilities To Master In Valorant

Viper, like her namesake uses poison and toxins to get a clear advantage in matches, each of her abilities works in different ways to open up avenues where she can strike first and hard at opponents without giving them a moment’s notice.

Before you jump into the guide, why not check out this video we created to help you in understanding her abilities better.

Like a snake, playing as Viper you will need to be vigilant at all times and then strike when you have the momentum going for you and her abilities will grant you those chances more than enough times.

Snake Bite

An ability that will create a small pool of poison and anyone who dares step in it will have their health drained. This ability is powerful when paired with others which momentarily blind opponents or at unexpected places like close to the spike.

Poison Cloud

A gas that fills up a small area of the map with a toxic gas ball which also obscured vision and the best thing about this ability is the fact that you can throw the projectile again after a short cooldown.

Each character in Valorant has a Signature ability and an Ultimate ability, these can be used in the matched to turn the tide around and get yourself out of some tricky spots. Learn to master them and you soon will dominate the game.

Toxic Screen

Viper’s signature ability lets her a wall that if crossed by anyone will start dealing damage to them. It works like a poisonous blockade helping Viper escape certain situations or even seal off areas that you do not want your enemies to get to.

Viper’s Pit (Ultimate ability)

Viper’s Ultimate ability and this will create a huge gas cloud that will cover a large part of the area. This thick and dense cloud makes it impossible for enemies to see through it but Viper can see clearly and use it to her advantage.

This is all there is to know about Viper, make sure that you check out how to play using other characters like Pheonix in Valorant to be the best at the game.