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How To Play And Master As Phoenix Abilities In Valorant

Having Pheonix abilities on your team gives the advantage of picking just an explosive character that it almost feels like having an additional member on your team. Valorant release is just around the corner and this has amped up everyone to know what special ability each character has in the game. If you are wondering how to get better in Valorant as Phoenix you probably should read the rest of this guide.

Phoenix Abilities To Master in Valorant

Phoenix is reminiscent of the legendary bird that can resurrect and Phoenix’s abilities in Valorant are based around the same principle. HIghly attacking and setting the stage ablaze only the fastest and bravest of the characters pick Phoenix.


A small burst of fire that acts like a flashbang. With curveball in hand, you can change the trajectory of the projectile while in mid-air to get more control and direct the ability where you want it to strike blinding opponents.


This will literally help you create a fire screen dividing the map into two different areas on-demand. This is a great balanced move that you can use offensively to trap the enemy of defensively to get out of sticky situations.

Whoever dares to pass through your Blaze ability will incur damage and you can even bend the wall for added mobility.

Hot Hands

Ability gives you a fireball that you can cast and it will explode upon impact on ground or with a delay like a grenade. This helps you clear out enemies even before you start a gunfight, giving you a ton of advantage.

The fire created on the ground will still damage enemies while it burns and you can even use it to heal yourself if needed.

Run it Back (Ultimate Ability)

Pheonix’s ultimate ability. This gives the players to create an anchor point and have a limited amount of time to do anything without consequences as if you die or the timer runs out you will teleport back at your anchor point.

Run it Back has already given so many streamers their clutch moment in Valorant, having the ability to come back to life and carry on again feels like a cheat.

This is all there is to know about how to play and master as Phoenix abilities in Valorant, make sure that you check out how to play using other characters like Jett in Valorant to be the best at the game.