How To Play And Master As Jett Abilities In Valorant

Jett abilities in Valorant lets players be ultra-aggressive and cautious in their approach and has been favored by a lot of streamers online. If you are wondering how to get better in Valorant as Jet you probably should read the rest of this guide.

Jett Abilities To Master in Valorant

Jett’s entire gameplan depends on mobility and finding the vantage point to finish off her enemies before even the fight begins. Her persona is shaped around a bird with daggers for feathers and this deadly combo makes Jett players completely unpredictable and sometimes even outright crazy.


Lets you create a distraction and partial vision obscurity with a small ball that fits snugly in your hands. Much like Pheonix’s abilities you can manipulate the trajectory of cloudburst in mid-air too.


Fills you with wind underneath your feet and lets you leap into the air and get on a platform or other vantage points for a clear vision of the playing fields. Jett players are known for getting advantage points and then sniping entire enemy squads off themselves.


Jett’s signature ability and helps the player dash into the direction they are moving in. This might sound ordinary but if you are in a fight or are looking to get from one aerial location to another this acts like a godsend.

Blade Storm (Ultimate ability)

Jett’s ultimate ability, Blade Storm replaces your weapons and gives you throwing knives that will kill anyone if you get a headshot and will cause huge damage on the body. The knives even replenish every time you get a kill by using this ultimate ability.

This is all there is to know about how to play and master as Jett in Valorant, make sure that you check out how to play using other characters like Cypher in Valorant to be the best at the game.

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