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How To Play And Master As Sage Abilities In Valorant

Valorant release is just around the corner and this has amped up everyone to know what special ability each character has in the game. Sage players are the backbone of the team, constantly healing and reviving down teammates, having a Sage abilities as your character means that you have to be responsible and well versed with your team’s attack patterns and plans. If you are wondering how to get better in Valorant as Sage you probably should read the rest of this guide.

Sage Abilities To Master in Valorant


Sage players can instantly change the course of the match as they have the ability to bring back dead teammates getting a quick upper hand while also being able to heal not only themselves but also other team members.

Sage character is a healer and it takes a lot to stay back and quickly keep healing while your teammates stand in the line of fire and take damage. There needs to be a synchronicity and this will help the entire team to work as a unit.

Slow Orb


Ability of Sage lets her throw an orb in the field and this slows down any opponents caught in this ball. Players caught in the Slow-Orb won’t be able to jump either and will instantly notify Sage with a peculiar sound.

Barrier Orb

A defensive wall that Sage players can create to bring a halt from the firing and create a quick escape plan. You can change the direction of this wall as you wish.


Healing Orb

Sage’s signature ability to help the character heal herself and her team members in a few seconds, replenishing their health to charge into battle once again.



Sage’s ultimate ability where she can bring any dead teammate back to life. The respawned character will have their entire health back and this can easily help the team with Sage get a huge advantage.

This is all there is to know about how to play and master as Sage in Valorant, make sure that you check out how to play using other characters like Cypher in Valorant to be the best at the game.