All Valorant Error Codes With Solutions and Fixes

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Valorant was finally released on June 2 and players around the world began exploring all aspects of the game. Soon enough, they also came across various errors in Valorant which hampered their gaming experience. This is happening due to various reasons such as server maintenance and simply because of something going wrong. But don’t worry. In this guide, we will list all the Valorant error codes and their fixes.

Valorant Error Codes List – How To Fix

If you have got any kind of error in Valorant, make sure to note its error code. That Valorant error code will help you determine the solution for it, and sometimes it’s as easy as restarting the Riot client. If any problem persists for long, contact Riot Games by submitting a ticket. Keep an eye on their twitter handle whenever you can to see any notice posted by Riot Games. Now, without further ado, let’s see the solutions of error codes.

For Valorant error codes with numbers from 8 to 21 and 31, 33, 43, 52 – simply restart the Riot client. This should solve the problem.

For error code 4 “Your display name is invalid” – You need to change your Riot ID on the official website.

For the error code 5 “Account was logged into elsewhere” – You must log out from all devices if it wasn’t you.

Valorant error code 7 “Couldn’t connect to session service” could mean that there is a suspension linked to your account. But, this could also be a platform issue, as per Riot games support. So make sure to check your email for any details and keep an eye on the Valorant Discord for updates.

Valorant error code 29 “This is a network issue” – Your firewall could be causing problems for Valorant. Here’s the developers’ note on how to solve Valorant error code 29.

Error code 44 and 45“Vanguard not initialized” and “Vanguard reboot required” respectively – Restarting the Riot Client should help but if it continues, then uninstall Riot Vanguard and then go ahead and restart the game.

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If you get the code 46 which says “Platform downtime”, then don’t worry. It’s just the allocated time for the engineers to work on the system.

Error codes 49, 50, 53 indicate issues with the Chat. You have to restart the Riot Client to solve this.

Error code 51 shows an issue with the Party system, so this also needs a Riot Client restart.

Finally, the error code 54 displays a “Content service failure” issue which you can solve by restarting the Riot Client as well.

How to Solve Something Unusual Happened Error

Now, if you are getting the ‘something unusual happened’ error in Valorant, we will tell you the fix. People on reddit have figured out that uninstalling Gigabyte programs, restarting your PC and launching Valorant should help.

So these were the fixes for various Valorant error codes. Once you get these sorted, go ahead and become the best Valorant player with our guides on Gamertweak.