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Valorant: What is Version Mismatch and how to fix it

A common error

Valorant is facing different errors one of them Version Mismatch. If you are facing this error then here are some latest solutions that can help you out. In this article, we will discuss what is Valorant Version Mismatch error, why it is coming, and what is the simplest way to fix it?

What is Valorant Version Mismatch Error?

The error is common around the globe and faced by many players. If you remember to install Valorant you will need to download the Valorant Client. It is a kind of launcher that download and install the game in your PC similar to Rockstar Launcher used for GTA 5. Or Uplay that is used to play games by Ubisoft.

Sometimes when you launch Valorant the launcher checks for the latest updates. If it fails to run the update you will get the error. This one of the possible causes behind Valorant Version Mismatch error. A standard update of 120mb or higher is deployed this morning.

Reboot your pc and verify if the internet is working or not. Then launch Valorant, you will see a small launch screen and an indication of update running below it. If not you might land into the same error again and again.

One possible fix is to re-install the game if you are no longer able to run the update. Because you cannot download official patches or update directly from the Riot Games website. They are deployed through the launcher only.

The game was also facing server issues reported through the official tweeter account, causing Connection Error in Valorant. We will soon update more on the Valorant bugs and errors. Til the time you can scan through our Valorant Wiki section for latest tips and tricks on the game.