Valor Legends Heroes Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Having too many characters can be a problem when selecting the best character in any game. Check out this tier list for the best Valor Legends character.

Valor Legends Eternity has a lot of characters to choose from when taking into battle. But while you have a lot of choices what you don’t have is the option to take them all. So no matter how many heroes you own you can only take 5 of them with you in a battle. So without further ado let’s take a look at the Valor Legends Eternity Tier List to recognize the best characters.

Valor Legends Eternity Best Heroes Tier List

valor legends tier list

As this game has a lot of different characters I haven’t added all of them to this list. Chances are that some of your favorite characters might be placed in a different tier or might be missing altogether. If that’s the case don’t worry because you can still have fun with that character or maybe mix and match around your team with some of the characters from this list.

Tier Character
S-Tier Yesacco
S-Tier Flora
S-Tier Felix
S-Tier Oche
S-Tier Ramiel
A-Tier Katarina
A-Tier Sellier
A-Tier Yulvyin
A-Tier Terrence
A-Tier Olivia
A-Tier Eric
B-Tier Garr
B-Tier Raghnall
B-Tier Liv
B-Tier Cardelin
B-Tier Suvere
C-Tier Renaud
C-Tier Bally
C-Tier Seth
C-Tier Renee
D-Tier Darby
D-Tier Sota
D-Tier Primo
D-Tier Frode

How do Factions work?

The above list has been made with keeping these factions in mind. For you to make the most out of your team its good if you are aware of how factions work. So these are the things you should know about factions and how they work:

  • There are 5 factions in this game which are Legion, Forest, Undead, Light, and Shadow. These factions are designed to work in a rock-paper-scissors fashion. That means each is strong to some and weak to the other.
  • Undead > Legion (Undead is stronger than Legion)
  • Forest > Undead (Forest is stronger than Undead)
  • Legion > Forest (Legion is stronger than Forest)
  • Light and Shadow are strong and weak against each other. That means in some scenarios Light > Shadow and for others Shadow > Light.

That sums up this tier list of best Valor Legends Characters. If you are bored of mobile games and looking to play some fighting games for PC check out our Naruto Storm 4 tier list.