Naruto Storm 4 Tier List – NSUNS 4 Best Characters (2023)

Playing Naruto Shippuden: UNS4 and wondering which character to play with? This Tier List has you covered.

If you want to beat your opponents whether CPU or a player and end up victorious, be sure to check this Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Tier list. In this list, I have sorted the characters based on their abilities, range, and other important factors which can affect your battle. So here’s our Naruto Storm 4 (NSUNS4) Tier List to see the characters ranked from best to worst.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Best Characters Tier List

nsuns4 naruto storm 4 tier list

The characters mentioned in S-tier are well-rounded as they have good abilities, power, speed, and range. As you get to the lower Tiers like A, B, C, and D. The value of these characters based on the above-mentioned attributes gets lower. So whether you are playing Tournament, Versus Battle, Survival, or League, these characters should help you get out of a pinch.

As this game has over 100 characters I have not added every single in this list. So there may be a chance that your favorite character might not appear in this list even if they have good abilities. Or maybe you feel an A-tier character should have been on the S-tier, whatever the case may be fret not because you can still have fun playing with them. So without further ado let’s get into the NSUNS4 tier list.

Tier Character
S-Tier Madara Uchiha – Six Paths
S-Tier Hashirama Senju – Sage Mode
S-Tier Naruto Uzumaki – The Last
S-Tier Sasuke Uchiha – The Last
S-Tier Itachi Uchiha – Reanimation
S-Tier Obito – Six Paths
S-Tier Kaguya Otsutsuki – Rinne Sharingan & Byakugan Mode
S-Tier Nagato – Pain
S-Tier Naruto Uzumaki – Six Paths Sage Mode (Kurama)
S-Tier Sasuke Uchiha – Rinnegan (Complete Susaoo)
A-Tier Might Guy – Eight Gates Released Formation
A-Tier Minato Namikaze – Reanimated
A-Tier Kakashi Hatake – Sixth Hokage
A-Tier Itachi Uchiha – Akatsuki Cloak
A-Tier Kisame Hoshigaki
A-Tier Madara Uchiha – Reanimation (Complete Susanoo)
A-Tier Hashirama Senju – Alive
A-Tier Tobirama Senju – Reanimated
A-Tier Sasuke Uchiha – Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan (Humanoid Susanoo)
A-Tier Obito – Double Sharingan
B-Tier Hinata Hyuga – The Last
B-Tier Itachi Uchiha – Anbu
B-Tier Gaara – Allied Shinobi Forces
B-Tier Mei Terumi
B-Tier Sarutobi Konohamaru – Determination
B-Tier Tobirama Senju – Alive
B-Tier Kabuto – Sage Mode
B-Tier Jiraya – Sannin Era
B-Tier Orochimaru – Sannin Era
B-Tier Tsunade – Sannin Era
C-Tier Deidara – Reanimation
C-Tier Kakuzu – Akauski Cloak
C-Tier Hidan – Akauski Cloak
C-Tier Sasori – Akauski Cloak
C-Tier Killer B – Samehada
C-Tier Onoki
C-Tier Neji Hyuga – Allied Shinobi Forces
C-Tier Rock Lee – Allied Shinobi Forces
C-Tier Shikamaru Nara – Allied Shinobi Forces
C-Tier Ino Yamanaka – Allied Shinobi Forces (Hundred Scattered Flowers)
D-Tier Temari – Allied Shinobi Forces
D-Tier Sai – Allied Shinobi Forces (Fast Writing Mode)
D-Tier Suigetsu Hozuki – Akatski
D-Tier Karin – Prisoner
D-Tier Jugo – Akatski
D-Tier Choji Akimichi – Allied Shinobi Forces
D-Tier Boruto Uzumaki
D-Tier Mitsuki
D-Tier Sarada Uchiha
D-Tier Sakura Haruno – Part 1 (Maiden’s Anger)

That sums up this Tier List of Naruto Storm 4 characters (NSUNS4). Check out more of our Tier Lists, and if you happen to be bored of NSUNS4 and are looking for a MOBA to play on your phone check out our Arena Of valor best heroes tier list.

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