Arena Of Valor Hero Tier List February 2024 | All Best Heroes Ranked

Here's our Arena Of Valor Tier List ranking of the best heroes to play with.

If you want to ensure that you are playing with the best characters available in this MOBA game, you can check out our Arena Of Valor tier list. We’ve kept this list updated with all the heroes that you must play and some that you can avoid. So, here’s our ranking of AoV characters from best to worst.

Arena Of Valor Best Heroes Tier List (February 2024)

Arena Of Valor best heroes Tier List

The heroes mentioned in the S tier are all the top characters you can try out. from Support, Mage, Assassin, Warrior, Tank, Marksman classes. They are overall the best choices and if you can master them, they will work even better. The ones in A tier are strong heroes, just not as much as those in the S tier. Next, the ones mentioned in the B tier are good if you need some add-on help but not as the main stars of the show. Lastly, the ones in the C tier are the average characters who don’t make a huge difference in your team.

S TierRyoma
S TierRiktor
S TierZip
S TierTeemee
S TierLorion
S TierDirak
S TierViolet
S TierTulen
S TierLauriel
A TierYorn
A TierWonder Woman
A TierZata
A TierHayate
A TierIgnis
A TierMaloch
A TierMurad
A TierNakroth
A TierLaville
A TierPaine
A TierMarja
A TierRaz
A TierKrixi
A TierQuillen
A TierKriknak
A TierRouie
A TierVeres
A TierYena
A TierOmen
A TierThane
A TierXeniel
A TierLumburr
A TierEland’orr
A TierKil’groth
A TierFlorentino
A TierNatalya
A TierWukong
A TierMina
A TierJinnar
A TierGrakk
A TierGildur
A TierLu Bu
A TierSuperman
B TierTel’Annas
B TierTaara
B TierSlimz
B TierPreyta
B TierFennik
B TierButterfly
B TierArthur
B TierAiri
B TierCresht
B TierChaugnar
B TierBrunhilda
B TierLiliana
B TierDextra
B TierAllain
B TierQi
B TierBright
B TierValhein
B TierRoxie
B TierErrol
B TierRourke
B TierMoren
B TierElsu
B TierZill
B TierThorne
B TierMganga
B TierZephys
B TierThe Joker
B TierZanis
C TierOmega
C TierKhalii
C TierIlumia
C TierEnzo
C TierD’Arcy
C TierAzzen’Ka
C TierAstrid
C TierMax
C TierArduin
C TierDiaochan
C TierSkud

So, this is our Arena Of Valor Tier List where we’ve ranked all heroes from best to worst. Take your pick and enjoy the game! If you want to check out some more MOBA games on Mobile, we’ve got you covered.