The 10 Best Mobile MOBA Games You Must Play In 2024

If you're a fan of the MOBA genre on mobile, you're in for a treat!

The age of the very best Mobile Mobas has arrived. The “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” aka MOBA genre is quite the preference for mobile gamers. Almost every game launched in this genre eventually develops a strong player base at some given point in time. Here, we take a look at the best MOBA games for mobile!

Top 10 Best Mobile Moba Games

Here we’ve listed the 10 very best MOBA games that you can play on your mobile!

  1. League of Legends: Wild Rift
  2. Vainglory
  3. Mobile Legends Bang Bang
  4. Arena Of Valor
  5. Heroes of Order and Chaos
  6. Onmyoji Arena
  7. Marvel Super War
  8. Heroes Arena
  9. Brawl Stars
  10. Battle Bay

In order to assist you in making an easier selection, we’ve further elaborated on what these games bring you. In addition to what we’ve mentioned, be sure to try out these games and make a selection as per your preferences!

League of Legends: Wild Rift – Best Mobile MOBA Game


It’s probably the best mobile Moba game there is. The game is an absolute theme park for league of legends fans. At the launch in October 2020, the game immediately saw their downloads soaring and fans going wild. The game boasts extremely well-executed graphics and smooth engine mechanics. Truly, the effort that Riot put into the Mobile version of the game is commendable. League Of Legends Wild Rift currently has 65 playable characters which you can use and try out new strategies with. In order to really master the game’s controls, you will need to spend a few game hours understanding the mechanics. It is not the easiest to play for beginners, but it’s definitely worth it. The game has surpassed expectations and we highly recommended you to have a go at it!



Among the oldest MOBAS on this list- Vainglory continues to dominate the mobile Moba genre alongside LOL WR. With over 50 playable heroes to choose from, Vainglory has managed to keep its users hooked on the game. With a variety of game modes ranging from short spanned brawls to complete 5v5 annihilation matches, you have to give it a try! The graphics and animations feel pretty similar to the aforementioned wild rift which simply means it’s beyond awesome. A factor that probably contributes to the appeal this game has is the fact that it unveiled its cross-platform flexibility in 2018. So it’s pretty evident that if you’ve got someone who plays a better hand at the game while on pc, you would take that route as well in vainglory. Launched in 2014, remains at the top even in 2023 – that is reason enough for you to play this game!

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

mobile legends

Mobile Legends was among the very first to capitalize on the mobile MOBA market that gamers later massively popularized. With more than 100 heroes to select- the game definitely boasts of a variety of strategies that users can make use of. One huge advantage that Mobile Legends Bang Bang has over most other MOBAS is the ability to execute the “trial pass” which lets you try out new heroes to see if you wish to purchase them for your roster. The game is fairly simple with its mechanics and new users won’t take long to get used to in-game mechanics. Moreover, the game allows you to reconnect to battles that you’ve accidentally been logged out of. With amazing animations and graphics and an insanely quick matchmaking time, Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a must-try! Enjoy a wide range of options in both your heroes as well as their game modes!

Arena Of Valor

arena of valor best mobile moba games

Arena Of Valor is known for its absolutely intricate and mesmerizing in-game aesthetics. Fluid animations and in-game mechanics mean that you will need a pretty good smartphone to play this game smoothly. In addition to the MOBA orthodox 5v5, the game has 3v3 and 1v1 game modes as well with some unique game modes being frequently shuffled in-game. The battles in Arena Of Valor feel a little more on the pacy end compared to most other Moba games. With an extremely wide array of heroes to choose from, it boasts of the most playable heroes for a mobile MOBA game among those in this list! With 108 characters since the Christmas addition of bright. To add to this, the game currently has Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, The Flash, and The Joker from the DC universe as playable characters!

Heroes of Order and Chaos

heroes of order and chaos

Heroes of Order and Chaos is set in the universe of Order and Chaos- the MMORPG that was extremely familiar among players back then in the early 2010s. The mobile MOBA game gives vibes of one that’s targeting the esports scene with features inbuilt that suit it. In addition to the 60 odd characters available in the game, you don’t have to wait for any energy regeneration in-game. You can frequently choose to play 5v5 or 3v3 matches in a variety of available game modes. The game tilts towards an animation setup that feels more cartoonised but it definitely packs a punch with the in-game mechanisms. This game has a very small learning curve and you should pick it up in no time. Would you believe us if we told you the game’s original release was in 2012?!

Onmyoji Arena


The amount of technical and historical detail that the developers have put into Onmyoji Arena is quite commendable. The game is based on the Onmyoji Game series which is evident when you play with the characters in-game. Currently, the mobile MOBA game has over 50 “Shikigami” heroes you can play. This clearly points out how committed the developers were to keep the Japanese folklore well preserved in this game. One factor that separates this game from the others is the absolutely maniacal 3v3v3 mode that lets players enter into a triple battle royal mode creating a labyrinth of entertainment for all parties involved! Do try out this game, you’ll notice the detail put into the very tiniest of fragments as you keep playing.

Marvel Super War

marvel-super-war best mobile moba games

If you and your friends have forever been engaging in debates over which marvel hero was the strongest, this is where your debate ends! Marvel super war has traversed time, distance, and universes to bring you a MOBA game that involves over 50 playable heroes and villains from the Marvel Multiverse. The game provides stats and abilities to the heroes that are pretty pinpoint accurate when one looks at their comic origins. An orthodox Moba setup in a 5v5 means you’ll be spending quality in-game hours proving why your argument stood strong all along. And if you lose, well just enjoy what Super War brings!

Heroes Arena

heroes arena

The best aspect that heroes arena took into consideration during development was balancing the strength values of each hero in-game. The game is probably the easiest and quickest to learn among those on this list. You have 20 playable heroes in-game, segregated into 6 different classes namely- Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Support, Tank, and Warrior. The game has a very natural feel to it and it shows in the in-game mechanics. Heroes Arena is one of those games you’d love to play in any game mode since the matches are fair-fought and well contested at all times. As we iterated before, huge shoutout to the developers for ensuring all heroes are close and nearly equal in strength. You can’t complain about succumbing to an overpowered character anymore, that should be another reason why you play heroes arena!

Brawl Stars

brawl stars best mobile moba games

Brawl Stars treads lightly on the MOBA genre but it nevertheless falls into the category. The game isn’t as intense as most MOBA games, but it definitely feels fast-paced. The game has a variety of modes that players can choose to play. These are all pretty dependent on your gadgets and abilities. This simply means you will have to grind it out to upgrade your heroes in-game! There isn’t much thinking and strategizing here- it’s mostly just battling it out and staying alive. Brawl Stars has a huge fanbase and you won’t have to wait long to find matches.

Battle Bay

battle bay best mobile moba games

Rovio Entertainment established a gaming legacy when they introduced Angry Birds to the world. They’ve now sought to make history in the MOBA domain, again taking the route of playing crazy inventor! Battle Bay unlike 99% of MOBA games, isn’t set on terrain. Rather, it’s set in the oceans! The game is still relatively new and has only 10 heroes to choose from. Don’t mistake the heroes for Bomberman though! the game makes you soon realize that the number of characters plays little to what it actually offers. The innovation is something that’s one of the many reasons why you should really give Battle Bay a try!

There you have it! These aforementioned games are the best Mobile Moba games of 2023. We hope you liked this article and it helped you. If you love to play cross-platform games, you’ll like this article on the best cross-platform games.