Valheim: How To Defeat Fenrings

Here's how to defeat Fenrings in Valheim.

Fenrir the monstrous wolf, son of Loki, foretold to kill the all-father Odin during Ragnarok. Fenrir is a well-known character in Norse stories and poems. Valheim being the 10th world filled with Odin’s enemies, also holds many werewolf creatures called Fairings. They dwell in the Mountain biome and hunt during a full moon night. If you have come across one, you know their wrath, and battling one is not easy. So here’s how to defeat Fenrings in Valheim.

How to Defeat Fenrings in Valheim?


To defeat Fenrings in Valheim you need a melee weapon that deals Spirit damage like a Frostner or a Silver Sword. Avoid using other melee weapons as they can immediately recover from your parry. They can summon wolves to aid them in battle. So ranged weapons will put you at a disadvantage if you’re playing solo. Fenrings have two different types of attack. They do a regular swing attack and the second one is a front jump with a swing/slam. Before doing the front jump with a swing/slam they crouch to prepare for this. You need a good shield to block the incoming attacks and if possible you can try to parry them. But as mentioned above Fenrings recover from parry immediately.

If you are not well equipped with gear and weapons, and you find yourself wandering the Mountain biome in full moon night, then keep your ears open for its distinct howl. The howl will be different than a wolf’s howl. When this happens run in the opposite direction as fast as possible. But if you manage to kill it then as drops you will get Wolf fang (also dropped rarely from Wolves) and Fenring trophy.

That’s all you have to know about how to defeat Fenrings in Valheim. To know more such tips and tricks to be the best Viking in this game, check out our Valheim wiki right away.