Valheim Emotes Commands List

Here's a list of all Emote Commands you can perform in Valheim.

Unless you were living under a rock, you have already heard that Valheim is the hottest game in the world selling more than 2 million copies at the time of writing this article. What makes it more fun is the addition of 7 emotes to use in-game solo or with friends. Most of you are yet to explore most of the world and the vast biomes it offers. You might have also tried playing PVP and COOP modes considering many of your steam friends might be already owning the game. When you are crawling the dungeons, hunting for the treasures, and beating the Forsaken bosses, there are enough emotes in-game you can rock to make your time in the realm of Valheim more enjoyable. So if you are wondering how to do these emotes, let’s look at the Valheim Emotes Commands List together in this guide.

How to Do Emotes in Valheim?

Emotes in Valheim can be performed simply by typing commands in the chat window. Yes, it’s really that easy. Unlike other modern games of this era, Valheim doesn’t offer you a dedicated key for emotes. But you can just hit Enter to bring up your chat window to carry out any given action. It is very efficient considering how much you will use the chat option during game time with others in Valheim. We prefer using voice chat with friends, but when we meet someone new in the world of Valheim, we start with simple chat messages. You can wave, point to objects and even give thumbs-ups in this game. If you don’t consider this cool, we dunno what else might in Valheim. For all those excited about this feature check out the list of commands we have compiled, below.

Valheim Emote Commands List

Right now developers blessed us, the players with 7 different emote commands in Valheim. We are expecting them to bring more to the game once the full game releases. Also, note that you have to put a forward slash (/) before entering each command in your chat window. This is similar to executing other actions like whispering or shouting in-game.  So the emote commands in Vlheim available right now are:

  • /wave
  • /thumbsup
  • /sit
  • /point
  • /nonono
  • /cheer
  • /challenge

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