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Valheim: How To Craft And Get All Arrows

Here's how to craft and get all arrow types in Valheim.

There is a lot to explore in the huge size world map in Valheim. There are 9 different biomes, different creatures, and bosses to slain to prove you worthy to Odin. To enter Valhalla you need to survive and eventually tame this realm. When you leave behind the comfort of the Meadows and traverse the world, you will face many dangers. Many of these dangers especially a Deathsquito are best handled from a distance with a ranged weapon. So for such situations, here’s how to craft and get all arrow types in Valheim.

How to Craft and Get All Arrows in Valheim?

how to get all arrows valheim

There mainly 10 different arrow types in Valheim. They are Bronzehead arrow, Fire arrow, Flinthead arrow, Frost arrow, Ironhead arrow, Needle arrow, Obsidian arrow, Poison Arrow, Silver arrow & Wood arrow.

Take a look at the properties of all arrows in Valheim:

Name Total Damage Damage Type Knockback
Bronzehead arrow 32 Pierce 10
Fire arrow 33 Pierce: 11
Fire: 22
Flinthead arrow 27 Pierce 10
Frost arrow 78 Pierce: 26
Frost: 52
Ironhead arrow 42 Pierce 10
Needle arrow 62 Pierce 15
Obsidian arrow 52 Pierce 10
Poison Arrow 78 Pierce: 26
Poison: 52
Silver arrow 72 Pierce: 52
Spirit: 20
Wood arrow 14 Pierce 10


How to Craft All Arrows?

Wood arrow

The first arrows that available to craft from Workbench. Workbench can be created using a hammer, which in turn just needs Wood x3 & Stone x2.

  • Crafting Materials: Wood x8

Flinthead arrow

Made at the workbench level of 2 or above. Flinthead arrows are the one-tier up from Wood arrows.

  • Crafting Materials: Wood x8 & Flint x2.

Bronzehead arrow

It can be crafted at the Forge once Bronze is unlocked. Bronze is made by processing 2 Copper and 1 Tin at the Forge. When you craft it, the forge will produce 20 arrows as a stack. Also note that the Bronzehead arrow is superior to the Flinthead arrow.

  • Crafting Materials: Wood x8, Bronze x1, & Feathers x2

Fire arrow

The Fire arrow deals Fire Damage on the enemies it lands on. It also deals no damage to creatures like Surtlings, but it is effective against almost all other creatures.

  • Crafting Materials: Wood x8, Resin x8, Feathers x2

Ironhead arrow

It is crafted in the Forge after you unlock Iron. You can smelt iron in a Smelter from Scrap iron & Coal for fuel.

  • Crafting Materials: Wood x8, Iron x1, Feathers x2

Craft & Get All Obsidian Arrows in Valheim

This item is crafted within the workbench using Obsidian. You can mine Obsidian using an Iron pickaxe in the Mountain biome.

  • Crafting Materials: Wood x8, Obsidian x4, Feathers x2

Poison arrow

Poison arrows deal additional poison damage apart from the base damage. It can be crafted at a workbench using Obsidian. Poison arrows can also be obtained from Chests inside Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome.

Silver arrow

The Silver arrow can be crafted in a level 3 Forge using, you guessed it, Silver.

  • Crafting Materials: Wood x8, Silver x1, Feathers x2

Frost arrow

Can be crafted at a workbench using Freeze Glands. For the uninitiated, Freeze glands are drops from Drakes in the Mountain biome. It applies a slowing effect to smaller enemies like Fulings in Plains biome.

Needle arrow

This item can be crafted in the workbench using a Needle which is collected from a deadly Deathsquito.

  • Crafting Materials: Needle x4, Feathers x2

So, that’s all that’s known about how to craft and get all arrow types in Valheim. But while you are here, & want to know some more hidden tips and tricks, why not check out our Valheim wiki? It’s a treasure chest of information you don’t want to miss.