Valheim: How To Make A Hearth Easily

Here's how to build and place a Hearth in Valheim.

If you want to upgrade your cooking skills, then the Hearth in Valheim will come in handy. Hearth creates a fire that’s bigger than a firepit which allows more cooking stations, hence, more food! In this guide, let’s look at how to build a Hearth easily.

How to Build a Hearth in Valheim?

How To Make A Hearth in Valheim

You can make a Hearth with 15 Stones while having a Stone Cutter near to place it. Thankfully, the crafting material you need for this isn’t tough to obtain. Note that you can unlock a Hearth when you build the Stone Cutter. We’ve covered a guide on how to get the Stone Cutter and you can refer to it to speed up your process.

It’s important to upgrade to a Hearth because you will start off with Campfires initially but a Hearth will give you a better experience and give you warmth and comfort level. Of course, there will be smoke rising from it too. You can put it on your wooden floor as well as higher up in your home. The best thing is that the Hearth can have 4 Cauldrons or Cooking Stands which significantly increases your cooking power and warmth. This will help you keep your bed warm that will help you sleep and keep you rested.

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Steps to Get a Hearth

Once you have gathered 15 Stones, here’s how to craft a Hearth:

  • Select Hammer from your Inventory
  • Press F and head to the Miscellaneous Tab
  • Choose Hearth with Q/E
  • Press the LMB to place the Hearth down wherever you want

That’s everything on how to build a Hearth in Valheim. Make sure to read our other guides to make your house building and customization process even smoother. They are all in our Valheim wiki so check it out right away.