Valheim: How To Get And Use Blue Mushrooms

Here's how to get Blue Mushroom in Valheim.

You might have been playing Valheim for quite a while now. You have crafted all the weapons and gears you could, explored as many biomes as you can, cooked all food recipes in the game. But have you heard about the Blue Mushrooms in Valheim? You certainly used normal Mushrooms and Yellow mushrooms by the time you fight the third boss, but have you missed the blue one? Today, let’s discuss what is the blue mushroom and how to find and get one in Valheim.

How to Find, Get and Use Blue Mushroom in Valheim?

To find, get and use Blue Mushroom in Valheim you need to use the Console Commands. There is no way in the current early access version to find it in any biomes. The blue mushroom can be spawned in debug mode. To spawn it in Valheim, activate cheat commands by pressing F5, typing “devcommands” and press Enter. Enter the code “debugmode” in the console command to enable creative mode. Make sure to enable console commands by reading this article here.

Valheim blue mushroom

These mushrooms, like the normal red-colored mushrooms and yellow mushrooms, can be eaten raw to affect your effects. Here are the effects of blue mushrooms if you eat them raw:

  • Max Health
    • 20
  • Max Stamina
    • 20
  • Duration
    • 600s
  • Healing
    • 1hp/tick

Apart from this, the game has no recipes that include blue mushrooms as an ingredient. According to the Valheim roadmap from the devs, we know that the finished game will have a total of 9 biomes. We are expecting blue mushrooms to grow in one of these biomes and be an integral part of one for the future mead and stews. So meanwhile you can spawn them using console commands to get a sneak peek at future items and taste one for its health benefits.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find, get and use Blue Mushroom in Valheim. While you’re here, get more hidden secrets in our Valheim Wiki Guide. There’s a lot that is unexplained in the game but our guides will make things super easy for you.