Valheim: How To Get & Use Yellow Mushrooms

Here's how to get and use Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim.

Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim are one of the early food you explore the Black Forest biome. They can be eaten raw or can be used as an ingredient for meads. But they are a bit difficult to find in the world of Valheim. So let’s look at how to get and use Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim.

How to Get Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim?

Yellow Mushrooms are commonly found in both Black Forest and Swamp biomes. Like other usual plants, you can pick up Yellow Mushrooms every 240 minutes, once they regrow. Here’s where you can exactly find them:

  • Black Forest Biome
    • Burial Chambers
      Burial chambers are dungeons found in the Black Forest. They have many maze-like structures sometimes even going up and down from ground level. They are a good source to collect Surtling Cores, Bone Fragments, Coins, and Yellow Mushrooms. Carry a good weapon to deal with the Ghosts and Skeletons guarding the treasures.
    • Troll Cave
      A Troll Caves are found in the Black Forest biome. These are the large rock formations with the entryway of Troll’s size. You can find piles of bones around it, signifying the presence of Trolls in them. There will be Trolls usually around and inside these caves. The loots you can gather from here are Amber pearls, Bone fragments, Coins, Chests, Yellow Mushrooms, etc.
  • Swamp Biome
    • Sunken Crypts
      You can find Sunken Crypts dungeons in Swamp. You can access them once you beat the second boss the Elder. Elder drops the Swamp key to open Sunken Crypts, upon defeat. You get a lot of loot like Amber, Chain, Coins, Entrails, Yellow Mushrooms, etc.

How to Use Yellow Mushrooms?

Valheim How To Get & Use Yellow Mushrooms

You can eat the Yellow Mushrooms raw. The effects they provide are:

  • Max Health: 20
  • Max Stamina: 20
  • Duration: 600s
  • Healing: 1hp/tick

You can use them to make mead bases. So use a Cauldron to make Mead base: Minor stamina and Mead base: Medium stamina.

Mead base: Medium stamina

You can use them to create Medium stamina mead.
Crafting Materials are:

  • Honey x10
  • Cloudberries x10
  • Yellow mushroom x10

Mead base: Minor stamina

You can use them to create Minor stamina mead.
Crafting Materials are:

  • Honey x10
  • Raspberries x10
  • Yellow Mushroom x10

So, that’s everything about how to get Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim. But while you are here, & want to know some more hidden tips and tricks, why not check out our Valheim wiki? It’s a treasure chest of information you don’t want to miss.