Valheim Maypoles: How To Build Them?

Here's how to build and use Maypoles to get extra comfort, in Valheim.

Maypole one of the rare structures in Valheim, providing you conform whenever you resting around it. But you might find it hard to move it or to build it anywhere. For the players finding this difficult, read on to know everything about Maypole. So here’ how to build and use Maypoles in Valheim.

How to Build and Use Maypoles in Valheim?

The Maypole is a rare structure found in abandoned villages. You will find it in the middle of the abandoned villages in the Meadows biome. It provides additional comfort when the player is resting near it. Unfortunately, it currently cannot be built by the players in Valheim multiplayer server. In a single-player, you can build it in debug mode. You can keep Maypole as a decorative item as call back its importance in Norse daily life. Or you can build your house around it to get one additional comfort while you are resting at home.

Valheim Maypoles
Image Courtesy: gr00grams

A Maypole in real life is where the Maypole dance takes place at the beginning of the summer season. To build it in Valheim, activate cheat commands by pressing F5, typing “devcommands” and press Enter. Make sure to enable console commands by reading this article here. Enter the code “debugmode” in the console command to enable creative mode. Go to your workbench, equip your hammer, and craft Maypole from the Furniture Tab. You will need Wood x10, Dandelion x4, and Thistle x4. Here’s how to get these crafting materials:

  • Wood: Can be collected from any branches on the ground, from any Tree, any Stump, and as drops from Greydwarf.
  • Dandelion: Found in Meadows biome. Can be found on the ground, can be picked every 240 mins, and as drops from Greydwarf Brute.
  • Thistle: Can be found in both Black Forest and Swamp biomes. They emit a blue glow during night time. You can pick them every 240 mins just like Dandelion.

So, that’s all that’s known about how to build and use Maypoles in Valheim. But while you are here, & want to know some more hidden tips and tricks, why not check out our Valheim wiki? It’s a treasure chest of information you don’t want to miss.