How To Use Shields In Palworld – All Shields Listed

Shields are some of the best defensive abilities that players can have in Palworld. Here’s how players can craft and use all types of Shields in the game.

As you fight your way against different Pals early on in Palworld, you will find it significantly easier to defeat them and catch them. However, that won’t be the case anymore as you level up. And if you want to consider what your defense should be apart from your Pals, you should look no further than Shields. Shields in Palworld work differently than the regular ones we see in hand. However, they are quite useful going forward into the game.

While there are different types of Shields, the first one unlocks at level 4 and players will have to craft it on the workbench. Shields are more of a passive ability in the game instead of holding physical ones but they provide you with a huge margin of damage absorption. Our guide will help you get completely familiar with Shields and how they work in the game.

How to Craft Shields in Palworld

List of All Types of Shields in Palworld
Giga Shield in Palworld unlocks at level 28. (Image via Games & Apps Tutorials on YT)

To craft Shields in Palworld, you will first have to reach Level 4 to get the crafting ingredients for the Common Shield. You will need 10 Paldium Fragment, 20 Wood, 20 Stone, and 10 Fiber to craft the Shield on your Workbench. Upon completion, players will be able to equip the Shield by pressing F. Another alternative for players is to head to the Inventory and drag it to the dedicated Shield slot.

How to Use Shields in Palworld

Palworld Shields work differently and players won’t have to keep one hand free to equip it every time. Instead, you will see a blue bar add up over your health which is the Shield. They are essentially a way to get extra health instead of a physical object. As long as your Shield bar is full, you’ll be able to take more damage than usual.

How to Repair Palworld Shields

How to Craft Shields in Palworld
Players can craft Common Shields in Palworld from Level 4. (Image via Games & Apps Tutorials on YT)

Shields in Palworld will regenerate over time once depleted. Fortunately, players won’t have to worry about repairing them once the blue bar depletes unlike other weapons & tools. If you find your blue bar depleted, simply dodge as long as you can during combat while you wait for the Shield bar to be full again.

List of All Shields in Palworld

  • Common Shield (Level 4) –
    • 10x Fiber
    • 20x Wood
    • 20x Stone
    • 10x Paldium Fragment
  • Mega Shield (Level 16) –
    • 30x Paldium Fragment
    • 5x Ancient Civilization Parts
  • Giga Shield (Level 28) –
    • 50x Paldium Fragment
    • 15x Ancient Civilization Parts
  • Hyper Shield (Level 43) –
    • 100x Paldium Fragment
    • 30x Ancient Civilization Parts

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