Wuthering Waves: How to Unlock and Use Sensor

Unable to progress the main mission because WuWa keeps asking you to use the Sensor? Well, worry not, here are the steps for how you can equip and use it.

Knowing how to use the Sensor in Wuthering Waves has several players stuck. This mechanic is an important Utility that when used correctly will prove to be super handy. Not only can you use it for your missions but even in the open world it can be useful when you are looking for some resources. Aside from that it can also help you find enemy weaknesses — so here is how you can scan things with it easily.

How to Use Sensor in Wuthering Waves (WuWa)

How To Use The Sensor In Wuthering Waves WuWa
Open the Utility wheel and equip the sensor to use it in Wuthering Waves.

You use the Sensor in WuWa after equipping it from the Utility Wheel.

  1. Press and hold the left button on the D-pad for the controller or the Tab key on the keyboard to open the Utility Wheel. If the Menu shows Utility and Function options, choose the former.
  2. Next, use the right joystick on the controller or your mouse to select the Sensor to equip it.
  3. Now, release the left button or Tab key to release the Wheel.
  4. Finally, to use it you can press T or the assigned button. Similarly, for the controller, you can press L1 + Triangle or LB + Y or whatever button the Sensor gets assigned to.

How to Unlock the Sensor

In case you haven’t unlocked it yet, you get by simply progressing the main story quests. The one that you need to complete to obtain Sensor is Echoing Marche. It is the 4th main quest overall and is Act 2 of Chapter 1.

  1. First, you need to rest until it is Morning (at least 7:00 AM).
  2. Next, go to the Panhua’s Restaurant and meet Chixia.
  3. After talking to her you have to leave the city.
  4. Now, keep following the yellow marker and it will lead you to the Rearguards Base.
  5. Here, your objective will change to Ask the Soldiers about Zhiyuan.
  6. Go and talk to the soldier.
  7. You get to Patrol the route and will obtain the Sensor for it.

With that, you now know how you can get and use the sensor in WuWa. Since you are playing this game you might also find our other guides helpful on how to add and play with friends, change your name, and fix the stuck on verifying file integrity issue.