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Salt And Sacrifice: How To Use Magic

Trying to use magic in Salt and Sacrifice? Check out this guide to learn how it is possible to do so.

Many players are wondering how you can use magic in Salt and Sacrifice. But that shouldn’t possible because using magic would make you a Mage, so how is it others are doing it? Well don’t worry the magic you see other players use comes from their weapon and it works a bit differently. So in this guide let us check how to use magic in Salt and Sacrifice.

How to Use Magic in Salt and Sacrifice


salt and sacrifice use magic

You can use Magic in Salt and Sacrifice through the weapons that have Forbidden Glyphs as their Runic Arts. These Runic Arts attack in a spell-like fashion hence you could consider them magic. You will still be using your weapons and there is no magic in the literal sense as the whole purpose of this game is to exterminate Mages. But that is getting a bit too technical.

  1. Equip a weapon that has Forbidden Glyph as its Runic Art.
  2. Press LT or L2 on your controller to block. This will highlight the Runic Art that you can perform.
  3. Based on the weapon you have you could get the option to use a single or two Runic Arts.
  4. Press the Square or X button on your controller to use it. In case it has two arts then you can also choose to press the Triangle or Y button.
  5. Remember using Forbidden Glyphs costs Focus Points (FP).


In order to use Forbidden Glyphs, you need to upgrade Banereader Class from 1 to 5. You can do that from the Tree of Skill at Trifaul Idol. Alternatively, you could also choose to upgrade only the classes that you need for the glyph as per the weapon you are using.

Below are all the spells that you can cast when you have all classes upgraded in the skill tree.

  • Force Missiles
  • Dancing Spores
  • Firebolts
  • Flame Orb
  • Rock Ridge
  • Shrapnel Bomb
  • Ice Darts
  • Ice Torrent
  • Venom Missiles
  • Venom Torment
  • Lightning bolts
  • Lightning Columns
  • Blood Blessing
  • Wicked Bite
  • Mind Blast
  • Mind Nova
  • Neural Net
  • Force Scar
  • Force Cross
  • Glyph Barrage
  • Force Rift
  • Glyph Vortex
  • Glyph Rain
  • Icelance
  • Dying Field
  • Electrify
  • Envenom
  • Purest Dark
  • Circling Swarm
  • Hunting Swarm
  • Blast Vortex
  • Loud Words
  • Blazing Blade
  • Toxic Blast
  • Draconic Sharpness
  • Bloodletter
  • Infused Ice
  • Blood Blade
  • Blood Mark
  • Necrotic Blades
  • Fleshhunger
  • Howling Metal
  • Bloodflies
  • Meat Hooks
  • Belching Death
  • Encroaching Death
  • Hungering Skulls
  • Charged Blade
  • Umbral Wave
  • Null Sphere
  • Dragon’s Blessing
  • Dragon’s Wrath
  • Burning Torment
  • Inphyrean Barbs
  • Wicked Shatter
  • Infuse
  • Chthonic Guillotine
  • Flamewave
  • Firestorm
  • Motes of Void
  • Antidote


Note the above were just some of the spells more on the offensive side. You could also use Divine Glyphs for other effects. Thanks to Fextralife on these Forbidden Glyphs list.

That covers this guide on how to use magic in Salt and Sacrifice. If you are looking for better weapons then I suggest you check our guide on how to craft and enhance equipment, you should also check out how to farm mages to quickly collect the materials for it.