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Salt And Sacrifice: How To Farm Mages

Didn't get a sufficient amount of materials after slaying the mages in Salt and Sacrifice? Time to slay them again.

You can farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice to get some valuable materials. Mages are the bosses in this game that drop some of the most useful resources. You can use these drops to then craft powerful armors and weapons. But eliminating them once isn’t enough to give you the materials needed to craft everything. So in this guide let us check how to farm mages in Salt and Sacrifice.

How to Farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice


salt and sacrifice farm mages

You can start farming Mages in this game after you have defeated them the first time, then go back to Pardoner’s Vale and respawn them. You can recognize the first Mage, as it will have a big health bar.

  1. Go to the area where you first fought the Mage.
  2. Explore this area to look for the new location of the Mage. For example, Hydromancer spawns on the right side of the original spawn area in Ashbourne Village.
  3. Once you find the mage engage it in battle.
  4. This Mage will not have a health bar. It is better to say the health bar won’t be visible, as after hitting it a number of times you will defeat it.
  5. So once, you find it keep attacking it until it teleports. You can’t defeat it in one go when you find it as the Mage will teleport multiple times.
  6. Look for the direction his parts flow in while it teleports, and go in that direction. So for example, when you have dealt it enough damage it will start moving left or right.
  7. Repeat the steps of attacking and following his teleports until it kneels.
  8. When it kneels you will get to take out its heart.
  9. After you remove its heart go back to Pardoner’s Vale, this will allow you to respawn it. Now, return to the area where you fought the new Mage.
  10. Repeat these steps as many times as needed until you are done with the farm.


You can also follow the above steps to farm the minions of that mage.

That covers this guide on how to Farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice. Now that you have farmed the mages I think you should find our guide helpful on crafting and enhancing items in this game.