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Salt And Sacrifice: How To Craft Equipment & Enhance Them

Trying to craft weapons or armor in Salt and Sacrifice? Check out this guide to learn how to craft and enhance them.

In Salt and Sacrifice, you can craft to get better equipment. You can also enhance them to upgrade your weapons or armor. And for a Souls-like game, it is crucial that you try to get the best and strongest armaments as much as possible. And crafting or enhancing them is one such way. So in this guide let us check how to craft and enhance equipment in Salt and Sacrifice.

How to Craft in Salt and Sacrifice


how to craft weapons armor and equipment in salt and sacrifice
Image Credit: Gematsu on YouTube

You can craft in Salt and Sacrifice using the Crafting table.

  1. Go to Pardoner’s Vale.
  2. Here look for the Crafting table. It is circular and made out of stone bricks with fire in it. You can find the NPC Warpsmith Zakie next to it.
  3. Interact with it by pressing the Circle button on your PlayStation controller. PC players can interact with it by pressing the B button.
  4. You will see a list of all the equipment that you can craft here.
  5. Select and craft the equipment that you need from the list.


How to Enhance Equipment in Salt and Sacrifice

You can enhance equipment in Salt and Sacrifice by upgrading them at the Enhancing table.

  1. Go to Pardoner’s Vale.
  2. Now, look for the Enhancing table. It is the table with the book and candle on it with the purple cloth. You can find it on the top-left side of the room, opposite the crafting table.
  3. Do remember you need Ashpyr in order to upgrade your equipment.
  4. Select and enhance the equipment that you need from the list.


A general tip for all Soulsborne and similar games is to save your upgrade materials. Only spend them when you are sure you will be upgrading a certain weapon or armor till the late or end game before upgrading them. The reason is if you waste upgrading everything you won’t have any materials left when you actually want to upgrade the equipment you need/use the most.

How to get Materials

Before you can start crafting or enhancing equipment you need to get the materials for them. You can find these materials by defeating enemies, Mage bosses, and the minions of these Mage bosses.


That covers this guide on how to craft equipment in Salt and Sacrifice & how to enhance them. You should also check out our other guide on how to play co-op with friends if you are interested in playing this game with other people.