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Salt And Sacrifice: How To Play Co-Op With Friends (Complete Guide)

Want to play Salt and Sacrifice with your friends? Check out this guide to learn how to play Coop.

Salt and Sacrifice is a Soulborne-inspired game that supports co-op with friends and strangers. This game is an interesting take on the Soulsborne games but in a 2D fashion. A treat to the retro game fans or those who love Metroidvania. And just like the Soulborne games it too allows you to play together with others. So in this guide let us check how to play co-op with friends in Salt and Sacrifice both local and online. Also, learn how to play with 3 players.

How to Play Co-Op with Friends in Salt and Sacrifice


how to play salt and sacrifice with friends

Salt and Sacrifice supports both local and online co-op modes so that you can play with friends. And the game allows you to play with up to 3 players. So let us check the setup for playing with both 2 and 3 players.

  • Playing with 2 players locally
  • Playing with 2 players online (with friends or random strangers)
  • How to play with 3 Players (with friends or random strangers)


2 Player Local Co-Op

This is the easiest way to play together with your friends. For this method, you will need a second controller.

  1. Connect the second controller to your PlayStation or PC.
  2. On the main menu, press the X button on the second controller for PlayStation players. PC players can do the same by pressing the A button.
  3. If you already have created a character then choose Continue, else click on the New game to create your character.
  4. Once both players’ characters are ready they can start playing the game.


2 Player Online Co-Op – How to Play with Friends in Salt and Sacrifice

  1. You can play online with your friends by inviting or joining them after you have completed the tutorial.
  2. Complete the tutorial then go to Pardoner’s Vale (the Hub world).
  3. Find the Cooperation board and interact with it.
  4. Now there are two ways to play online, with friends and with strangers
    • Playing with friends:
      1. One of the friends has to host on the cooperation board.
      2. While the other has to join.
      3. To host: Interact with the Cooperation board and create a passkey and then click on Host.
      4. To join: On the Cooperation board enter the passkey your friend made and click on Join.
    • Playing with strangers:
      1. To join a random player you need to use a Pale Candle.
      2. To host a lobby for random players you need to use the Golden Candle. Remember you won’t be able to use a golden candle without being Guiltless. You can be guiltless by using a Guiltless Shard.

How to play with 3 players


Playing 3 players is easy and can be done after the first two players have joined.

  1. To begin, two players need to join together. They can join both locally or join online.
  2. Once joined all three players need to go to the same location in their worlds. This place cannot be Pardoner’s Vale.
  3. After all three are in the same location, they need to open the pause menu.
  4. Next, choose System, and here select Settings then Network.
  5. All three players need to enter the same password. These steps to enter the password are not needed if the players want to play with a random stranger.
  6. Now, the player that is hosting the 2 player lobby should be Guiltless and use a Golden Candle.
  7. And finally, the 3rd player that wishes to join has to use the Pale Candle.

Thanks to PepperHomie Game Reviews and Guides on YouTube for sharing this method of playing with 3 players. If you are stuck somewhere while trying to play 3 players and need a little bit of extra help then be sure to check out their video below.

That covers this guide on how to play co-op with friends in Salt and Sacrifice for both local and online. For more things gaming be sure to check out Gamer Tweak.