How To Unlock & Use Flying Vine In Wild Hearts

Here are the controls that will help you ride & use the Flying Vine easily in Wild Hearts.

In Wild Hearts, you can always use the Flying Vine Dragon Karakuri to reach any inaccessible place. It is considered to be one of the most crucial devices in the game, as it allows the player to travel back and forth easily. And let us tell you, there are various broken bridges you’ll come across in your journey, so it’s better to unlock this Zipline beforehand. If you have already unlocked it but are struggling to use it, then we are here to help. Below we have mentioned all the controls you need to use this Dragon Karakuri.

How to Use Flying Vine Dragon Karakuri in Wild Hearts? (Controls)

How to Unlock & Use Flying Vine in Wild Hearts? (Controls)

In Wild Hearts to ride and use the Flying Vine, hold and press R1 & X on PS, RB & A on Xbox, and Up key & Space Bar on PC. The key to riding the Zipline is simply to sprint to take a run up and jump by pressing the following buttons. But before you move ahead, make sure you have unlocked it by completing the hunt of Sapscourge. And after doing that it’ll first come in handy during the hunt for Kingtusk to reach Minato. If you are still having trouble using the device, then below we have mentioned the entire walk-through for you.

  1. First, walk towards the edge of the broken bridge or the place you want to cast the zipline from.
  2. Next, open the Karakuri Conjuring menu by pressing the prompt buttons.
    • Press L1 and D-pad Up on PS
    • Press LB and D-pad Up on Xbox
    • Press Right-click and Scroll forward on the PC
  3. After that, navigate the menu until you see the Flying Vine by pressing the prompt buttons.
    • Press the Right and Left D-pad on PS & Xbox
    • Press Q and E on the PC
  4. Then, press and hold the Place button to choose the right spot for your Zipline.
    • Press X on PS
    • Press A on Xbox
    • Press Left-click on the PC
  5. Once placed, interact with the prompt button to activate the zipline.
    • Press L2 on PS
    • Press LT on Xbox
    • Press E on the PC
  6. And after activating the device, aim and shoot at the right place to cast the line. The cross air should be white and not orange to successfully make a connection.
    • Press R to take aim and R2 to shoot a vine on PS
    • Press R to take aim and RT to shoot the vine on Xbox
    • Move your cursor to take aim and click left to shoot vine on the PC
  7. Then, simply press your sprint button and jump button at the right time to use & ride the Flying Vine.
    • Press R1 to sprint & X to jump on PS
    • Press RB to sprint & A to jump on Xbox
    • Press Up key to sprint & Space Bar to jump on PC

Now that you know the controls you can easily use the Dragon Karakuri to move forward in the game. However, make sure you have unlocked enough Dragon Pits to gain the energy required for building this Zipline.

That covers all about how you can ride & use Flying Vine in Wild Hearts easily. While you are here check out how to Fast Travel to any location in the game. Also, take a look at the list of weapons you can unlock.