All Weapons In Wild Hearts Explained

Let's take a look at all the new weapons you can unlock in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts is a Monster Hunter-Type game where you hunt down ancient beasts in medieval Japan. Use various traps and weapons to track and kill these mythic creatures. With 8 unique weapons to choose from Wild Hearts aims to give its players multiple paths toward becoming the best hunter in all of Japan. Let’s take a look at all weapons you can find in Wild Hearts.

All the Weapons in Wild Hearts

Wild hearts all weapons

Karakuri Katana

As the first weapon in the game that you traditionally ditch for new and shinier ones, the Karakuri Katana manages to make its presence felt. The Katana is used to unleash quick and consistent bust of damage on monsters and comes with a second green whip mode that increases your range of attack. The best way to use this weapon is to master its various combos like the Twin Blade Slash Storm and the Iai Slash Burst.

Nodachi Bow

This ranged weapon type can be used in two stances-horizontal and vertical. The horizontal stance lets you fire small arrows in quick succession with each dealing a small amount of damage. These arrows get logged into the monster like a ticking time bomb and will be set off by shooting an arrow in the vertical stance. Charge up your bow in the vertical stance to release a shot for maximum damage. The best way to use this weapon is alternating between the two stances where you use the horizontal to chip away at a monster’s armor and charge up an arrow in the vertical stance to expunge the small arrows from the beast’s skin.

The Bladed Wagasa (Umbrella)

Yes, that’s right you can fight monsters with an umbrella in this game. The Wagasa allows you to parry attacks while you deal a constant flurry of damage. A gauge fills up as you parry more consistently leading to more damage. The Umbrella catches the wind and lets you hover in the air mid-combat, providing for some great land-to-air combos and skills. A weapon with a high skill ceiling, The Bladed Wagasa is a fun and dangerous weapon in the right hands.

The Hand Cannon

Best used in the long to mid-range, The Cannon lets you blast the beast with high-damage shots at a slow but steady pace. The Cannon operates on an overheat mechanic where you fire small shots to heat up the Cannon to unleash a powerful mortar shot that deals great damage. A weapon that requires planning and precision, The Connon is a great choice for players looking to go in guns blazing.

The Karakuri Staff

This unassuming staff can transform itself into three different weapon types-A duel wielded blade, A massive four-star Shuriken, and a Giant Greatsword. Each of these has a light and heavy attack that you can interchange mid-fight. Creating combos with the two base transformations and finishing with the giant greatsword is a great way to use this unique weapon.


Every great hunter needs a Berserk-style Greatsword to prove their resolve on the battlefield and the Nodachi fulfills that promise. With a standard light and charge-reliant heavy attack, the Nodachi can dish out insane amounts of damage if used with patience.


Smash everything that stands in your way with the help of this massive hammer. The Maul might be slower than all the other weapons in your arsenal but it makes up for this by inflicting massive amounts of damage. Getting familiar with the Maul’s rhythm and timing is key to pulling off some insane combos. A great choice for the heavy hitters out there.

The Claw Blade

A weapon seemingly tailor-made for Attack on Titan fans, a small sword on a long chain with a claw on end is all you need to unleash hell on any monster you hunt. The Claw Blade attaches itself to the monster while you can swing around it flying in and out while executing a quick bust of combos.

And that’s all the weapons you can use in Wild Hearts. Check out other game-related Guides here on Gamer Tweak.