How To Get And Use Emote In Palworld

Victory dance is a must after defeating the bosses, but if you are unsure how to do that? Here are the quick steps to use Emote in Palworld.

What’s a better way to celebrate your victory than doing an Emote Dance in Palworld? This open world has a bunch of interesting features and mechanisms accessible from the earlier stage of the game. While some are necessary to master for your survival and progress, there are also those that are just fun to use. Like when your Fire-type Pals are cooking the Chikipi and Lamball, you can sit in the air and relax until it is prepared.

Stumbled upon something really amusing, or discovered a place right out of the fairy tale. There is an Emote for expressing all these emotions you would wish to use during your journey. Haven’t found the controls for it? No worries, we have given both the available ones list and ways to perform them.

All Emote Controls in Palworld

All Emote Controls in Palworld
Image Credit: Quick Tips on YouTube

The Emote feature is available right from the start, and it is pretty simple to use. You find it under the Pal Commands, which you access using the number 4 on your keyboard. Once in there, select the Emotes, and you will get all the available ones:

  • Hand Over
  • Surprised
  • Sit on Ground
  • Sit in Chair
  • Wave
  • Dance
  • Beckon

Click on the one you want to use, and your Character will start performing it. It won’t stop unless you move from the place. You can switch the emote with the same steps, as it would overtake the previous one. The fun part of this feature is that it lets you use them at almost any place; let it be the middle of the stairs or the top of the roof.

Can Pals Use Emotes?

Currently, there is no system available for Pals to use these. However, Pal Commands have few actions they can perform; such as Focus on same enemy and Attack aggressively. If the feature is added in the future, we’ll surely update it in this guide, so make sure to save it while you are here.

That’s all on how to Emote in Palworld. If this is interesting, you should check out our dedicated section and read about other controls, like pausing the game.