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How To Use Baby Carrier In Sims 4 Growing Together

Check out how to use the baby carrier in the Sims 4 Growing Together expansion.

Are you wondering how to use the Baby Carrier in the Sims 4 Growing Together expansion? In this latest family-centered expansion, EA added a whole new life stage to the game. The Infants stage is between the Baby and Toddler stage and terming it as cute is an understatement. The Infants have their own adorable clothes, toys, furniture, and gear. The baby carrier is one such gear that parents can use to take their baby out. However, many players who bought the Growing Together update reported that the baby carrier is missing. In this guide, we will tell you how to get it.

How to Use the Baby Carrier in Sims 4 Growing Together

Baby Carrier missing in Growing Together expansion

To use the Baby Carrier in Sims 4 Growing Together:

  1. Click on the Infant and pick it up.
  2. Select Baby Care and then, select “Set Preferred Back Carrier”.
  3. Then, you can select “put baby in back carrier” through the Baby Care menu.

Many players tried to look for the carrier in CAS or the build mode. But that’s not where you’ll find it. The expansion adds a plethora of new content like treehouses, playmats, changing tables, and more. But what about the base game?

Can I Use Baby Carrier Without Purchasing Growing Together Expansion?

The simple answer is no – you cannot use it if you have just the base version of Sims 4. EA released the Infant update prior to the expansion pack. This update includes the new life stage. However, it doesn’t feature some important items like the baby carrier or the changing table. So if players want to take their infants out of the house, then they’ll have to carry them in their arms. Many players shared their disappointment on Twitter and Reddit about this paywall.

That’s everything from us on how to use Baby Carrier in Sims 4 Growing Together. For more such content like How to Have Science Baby, make sure you visit our Sims 4 section.