Sims 4 Infant Changing Table Missing

Check out why the changing tables are missing in the Sims 4 Infant Update.

In the new Sims 4 Infant update, many players encountered a problem where the changing tables were missing. In this simulation game, players can control characters in the game and tend to their needs. Since its release in 2014, EA has introduced multiple DLCs to keep players entertained. In the new Infant update, players will get new options to interact with the babies. In this guide, we will talk about changing tables in the game.

Changing Table Missing in Sims 4 Infant Update

Changing Table in Sims 4
Image Source: James Turner on Youtube

The new DLC adds a whole new life stage called “Infants” to the game. In this stage, you will get several interaction options with the infants. You can pick them up, feed them, bathe them, and play with them. Apart from that, you’ll also have to change their diapers.

Numerous players on Reddit and Twitter complained about the missing Changing Table in the Infant Update. This piece of furniture is important to change diapers and keep them in one place. However, without it, the parents are throwing dirty diapers on the floor. This can be irritating to players who carefully build and organize their homes. So where can players get the changing tables?

The changing table is included in the Growing Together expansion pack, which is releasing on March 16, 2023. Meaning, players will have to buy the pack to get the changing table. Many players are disappointed, and some furious, with the exclusion of this piece of furniture from the base game. This ruins the experience of interacting with the infants. If someone plans to have more than one, then they will have a house full of dirty diapers. Apart from this, many other options like “Baby Showers” will be excluded from the base game.

That’s everything from us on the missing Changing Table in the Sims 4 Infant update. While you’re here, make sure you visit our Sims 4 section for more content like How to Get Famous.