Sims 4: How To Become Famous (Tips To Gain Fame)

Want your Sim to stand out? Here's a guide to becoming famous in Sims 4.

Sims 4 has always been a place where anything is possible. From starting a family to running your own town, Sims 4 lets its players explore different career paths and adventures to their hearts’ content. But did you know you could gain fame to make your Sim a local celebrity? Here are 5 ways you can become famous in Sims 4.

How to Become Famous in Sims 4

Sims 4 get famous

1) Become an Actor

A main feature of the Get Famous Expansion Pack, picking the actor’s career path is a great way to gain fame in Sims 4. Take part in the audition process to get yourself a role and perform the role on set. A successful gig rewards you with money and fame. Once you reach 3 stars on your fame, unlock the Established Name Perk to skip the audition process to save time on your run.

2) Publish Books

If your Sim is a good writer then consider publishing books to gain some fame. This can be done on your home PC and use your mailbox to Self-Publish your book. Publishing books will not only add to your fame, but you can also earn daily royalties from your work.

3) Become a Youtuber

Use the media station to make your own videos. Investing in your media production skills to add transitions and effects to your videos for more views. If you decide to use this method be sure to unlock the Corporate Partnership perk that will increase the amount of fame and money you gain per video.

4) Licensing Songs

To do this you’ll have to reach Level 9 on your preferred instrument i.e guitar, piano, or violin. Level 8 lets you write your own song and at Level 9 unlock the License Song option on your mailbox. Though this can only be done once a week, the massive amounts of fame gained makes up for it. You can also do this with Singing if you have the City Living Expansion Pack.

5) Streaming Drone

Stream your Sim’s life with this drone you unlock in the Get Expansion Pack to increase your Fame passively. Using the drone during any of your activities counts towards your fame increasing so combine the drone with the above-mentioned activities to passively gain fame. Repair the drone to its full working state if your Sim is handy for more fame.

These were some of the methods you can use in Sims 4 to become famous. Check out other Sims 4 guides for more fun in-game activities here on Gamer Tweak.