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How To Have Science Baby In Sims 4 (Steps Guide)

Wondering how you can get a Science Baby in Sims 4? Here's all about it.

Now you can skip the hassle of being pregnant and have a Science Baby in Sims 4. This was made possible recently due to the free Infant Update. If you are looking forward to being a single parent, but are unaware of how you can make a Science baby, then we are here to help. In this guide below we will walk you through the process step by step. So you can add a new life stage and dive into the parental journey as soon as possible.

How Can I Make Science Baby in Sims 4? (No Pregnancy Method)

In the Sims 4 infant update, to get a Science Baby you’ll need to open your Phone and select the Home icon. And inside that menu simply select the option to make a science baby. However, the process will not come for free and will cost you 1,200 Simoleons. If you are still struggling with the steps, then scroll down for a quick walkthrough.

  1. First, launch the Sims 4 on your system and ensure that you have installed the Infant Update.
  2. Next, go ahead and open your Sim’s Phone located on the left bottom side of your screen.

    How To Have Science Baby In Sims 4
    Picture Credits: Petey Plays It
  3. Then, select the Home menu and you’ll see two ways to have a Science baby.
    • Have Science Baby as a Single Parent: Choosing this option will not require any other Sims involvement. And you’ll be the only one marked as a Parent of the Infant.
    • Have Science Baby With…: Selecting this option will require a Sims involvement, (No Matter What Gender) who has a good amount of friendship level with you. Doing so will mark both the Sims as the Infant’s Parents.
  4. After selecting the right option simply pay 12,000 Simoleons and click OK in the confirmation window.
  5. Once done, your Sim will head to the Hospital to complete the process of getting a baby through Science.
  6. Next, you’ll get a pop-up window asking you to choose the name of the newborn baby. Simply enter the name of your choice or roll the given dice to get a name suggestion.
  7. And after a while, you’ll see a baby lying in a crib in your home.

Now simply go ahead with the Infant and start your parental journey without going through the hassle of being pregnant.

That sums up all about how you can get a Science Baby in Sims 4 new Infant Update. Once you have your baby, you need to protect it from all the threats, so check out this guide to Baby Proof your house. Also, take a look at the ways to get free expansion packs.