How To Baby Proof House In Sims 4

Check out how to baby proof a house in Sims 4.

With the new Infant Update in Sims 4, players will have to Baby Proof their house and we will tell you how. Many Sims players wanted an option to interact with the babies. The new update adds a brand new life stage between newborn and toddler. Although they are cute, the infants are quite handy. They will cry, poop, and run around the house. So to keep them in one place, we will tell you how to make your house safe for kids.

How to Baby Proof the House in Sims 4 Infant Update

Sims 4 baby proof room

To baby proof your house in Sims 4, head over to any door or gate and select “Lock For…” in the options wheel. Then, select the “Baby” option to complete the process.

Once you babyproof a door, the infant won’t be able to access it. If they try to go through it, you’ll see a “Can’t walk there” message on their head. Now, you can go and complete your other objectives in the game without worrying about the infants running out. With all the new items in this game, we recommend you create a separate playroom in your house. You can place the crib, changing table, toys, and other essential items in this room. Then, baby proof the door to this room. It will be especially helpful if you are planning to raise multiple kids.

Once the infants reach the toddler stage, they will be able to access the doors. So make sure you keep an eye on them.

The inclusion of this feature is a nice touch for players to experience parenting. The update also introduces a bunch of Traits. The infants will behave based on these traits. Tots with the Wiggly trait will be always on the go. So it’s necessary to make all the preparations in your house to keep them confined.

That’s everything from us on how to baby-proof house in Sims 4. If you liked this guide, then we recommend you check more in our Sims 4 section.