All Infant Traits In Sims 4 (Explained)

Wondering what are the new traits you'll get to choose in the new Sims 4 Infant update? Then here's all about it.

Sims 4 new Infant update is out now and live with all the traits for you to choose from. For those who are unaware, with this new life stage, you can bring infants to your household and grow together. Here your main aim will be to take care of them and show your parental skills. However, let us tell you handling the cute little baby will not be that easy. So make sure you choose the right trait and you’ll be good to go. If you are not familiar with the new infant traits, then we’ve got you covered. Below we have explained all of them so you can start your journey of becoming a parent Asap.

What are Infant Traits in the New Sims 4 Update?

What are Infant Traits in the New Sims 4 Update

In the Sims 4 new update, there are 6 infant traits, i.e. Cautious, Calm, Sensitive, Intense, Wiggly, & Sunny. Players are only allowed to pick one of them as soon as they are done with the customization. As mentioned earlier, choosing the right trait is very important, as it directly affects the personality of the infant. For a better understanding, let’s see what are the effects of each trait on the baby.

  • Cautious: If your go with the Cautious trait the infant will be free with the sims they are familiar with. But will take time to get a hang of new experiences and will also hesitate to try new activities.
  • Calm: As the name goes, babies with this trait are very calm and easy to handle. This means you don’t have to be worried about them getting upset, angry, or tired easily. But on the other hand, they won’t like to explore new things without you.
  • Sensitive: Infants with this trait are very sensitive and tend to cry as soon as they experience little discomfort. But on a good note, they are unlikely to wake up and bother you in the night as soon as go to sleep.
  • Intense: If you go with this trait then you better be ready for some chaos in your life. Infants with this intense trait are pretty difficult to handle and have a habit of showing off their emotions loudly. On the other hand, if you look at the pros, they get amused very easily.
  • Wiggly: Infants with the wiggly trait are very active and energetic. So it means you might need to play with them all day long in order to keep them happy.
  • Sunny: If you are planning to choose the Sunny trait then you should expect a happy baby who will giggle at little things. Such infants will also be very jolly and good to other sims. However, a very friendly nature with strangers might get them in trouble.

Now you know the effects of all infant traits in the Sims 4 new update. If you are struggling to decide on which trait you should go with, then scroll down for some help.

Which is the Best Trait to Choose for Infants?

In Sims 4 we recommend you to go choose Calm or Sunny traits for your baby. That’s because, as mentioned above infants with such traits are pretty easy to handle and will not trouble you in between your chores. But if you are looking for some challenges then going with Sensitive or Intense will be just the right pick for you. However, no matter what their traits are, just make sure you take care of them. Or else you might end up getting a Un happy infant reward trait, rather than getting the good ones like Top Notch and Happy Infant.

With that said, this is all you need to know about what are infants’ traits and which one is the best for your infant in Sims 4. If you have already indulged in the parental experience then check out the list of new items & features in the new Infant update. Also, take a look at the ways to get free expansion packs.