How To Quickly Craft & Upgrade Potions In Immortals Fenyx Rising

When you upgrade and craft potions in Immortal Fenyx Rising you will get additional benefits of those things. Make sure to upgrade each potion

If you upgrade potions in Immortals Fenyx Rising you will be able to get additional buffs that will help you defeat bigger and stronger enemies much more easily than ever before. Thankfully, doing it in the game is pretty easy. If you’re still confused about how to do it, read this guide and you’ll become a master alchemist in the game.

How To Upgrade Potions In Immortals Fenyx Rising

To upgrade potions in Immortals Fenyx Rising, all you have to do is simply get to the Hall of Gods. Here a cauldron will open up where you can them. Once you click on the cauldron and look at the tree, it will show you the costs required to do so. As you progress in the game, you can even add different ingredients and create better potions in the game. Luckily, you will find these cauldrons all over the in-game world.

upgrade potions immortals fenyx rising

You can even craft potions whenever you like, all you have to do is gather enough ingredients for it. Each potion has different requirements that are listed down below, make sure to check it out.

How To Craft Potions In Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Health potion – 5 Pomegranate
  • Stamina potion – 5 Blue Mushroom
  • Attack potion – 6 Olympian Fig
  • Defense potion – 6 Flower Nectar

Every upgraded potion in Immortals Fenyx Rising will offer you additional value when you use them. These newly upgraded potions can make the difference of life or death when you’re battling enemies like Hydra and Kallisto in the game.

Using normal potions won’t work as effectively and help you regain enough health and stamina so that you can survive the fight in the game.

This is all there is to know about how to upgrade potions in Immortals Fenyx Rising, if you’re not that set on upgrading potions maybe you’d like to check out how to use cheats in the game right here on Gamer Tweak.