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Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to easily beat the Legendary Hydra

Here's a quick guide on how to defeat the Legendary Hydra.

Immortals Fenyx Rising has plenty of monsters that player will have to kill throughout the game. One such monster is Legendary Hydra. Unlike Kallisto (the Legendary Bear), beating the Legendary Hydra is not easy. If you are having trouble knowing the perfect way to kill Legendary Hydra then we have a guide covering the same in the simplest way possible.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to beat the Legendary Hydra

You will encounter the Legendary Hydra in a small area. To begin this boss fight, you will have to contend its four head one after another untill you have successfully killed the last one.

During the process, you will have to look out for ads that the heads will summon it and the acid they will spit at you. These two things will make the fight more difficult and force you to deal with other things instead of inflicting damage to the Legednra Hydra.

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If you want to beat the Legendry Hydra and the rest of smaller enemies, I highly recommend using Hephaistos’s Hammer. Yes, you read that right! This hammer will cause a lot of damage to Hydra and has the potential to kill smaller enemies at once.

Notably, if you have equipped yourself with Galewind bow, your first 3 shots will get you 26% damage bonus and clear the ads, then you can easily make three instant shots at the Hydra for causing heavy damage before returning to dodge acid balls and axes again.

Apart from the Galewind bow, the other sword that can give you bonuses from perfect dodges is the Departed Shade.

Since this boss is going to last for a few minutes, it would be better to have weapons, armour and items that can help you restore health. If you don’t know how to upgrade weapons, armor and helmets in the game then you can click on the bold part.

That’s basically all you need to know about how to beat the Legendary Hydra in Immortals Fenyx Rising. While you are here, ensure reading about how to heal and how to get the Wing Piece in Immortals Fenyx Rising.